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Milton Clark Avery (1893-1965)

Aliases: Milton Avery

Professions: Painter

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  • u - Milton Avery 1885-1965 , The Reader and the Listener oil on canvas

  • Milton Avery (1885-1965)

  • Milton Avery 1885-1965 , Card Game oil on canvas

  • Milton Avery (1885-1965)

Milton Clark Avery Biography

(b 1885; d 1965) Avery was working factory jobs when he began studying painting at the Connecticut League of Art Students sometime around 1910. By 1917 he was working nights so that he could paint during the day. His early works, mostly landscapes and seascapes, were influenced by American Impressionist painters such as Ernest Lawson. After moving to New York in 1925, he was exposed to the art of Matisse and Picasso and his own art became more abstract, focusing on simple forms and broad areas of color. By the 1940s he had settled into his mature style which is characterized by flattened shapes and arbitrary application of color, very similar to Matisse. He never transitioned fully into abstraction however, and his work was largely overlooked in the 1950s when Abstract Expressionism was the eminent artistic style. His influence can be seen in the work of younger artists, though, particularly Color Field painters like Mark Rothko.

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Looking for the value of an item? Visit our price data subscription page for options.

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