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Adriaen "van der" Cabel (1630-1705)

Aliases: Adriaan "van der" Cabel; Adrian "van der" Cabel; Adrien "van der" Cabel; Ary "van der" Cabel; Geestigheid; Geestigheit; Adriaen "van der" Kabel; Adrian "van der" Kabel; Adrien "van der" Kabel; Ary "van der" Kabel; Adrian Vandercable; Adrien Vandercable; Ary Vandercable; Adrian Vandrecable; Adrien Vandrecable; Ary Vandrecable

Professions: Painter; Etcher; Landscape painter

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  • Viviano Codazzi (Bergamo 1604-1670 Roma) e Adriaan van der Cabel (Rijswijk 1630/1-1705 Lione) , Capriccio architettonico arco trionfale e soldati olio su tela

  • ADRIAEN VAN DER KABEL Rijswijk 1630/31 - 1705 Lyon

  • - Adriaen van der Kabel (Rijswijk 1630 - vor 1705

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Adriaen "van der" Cabel Sold at AuctionView all Adriaen "van der" Cabel Sold at Auction

  • ADRIAEN VAN DER KABEL RIJSWIJK 1630/1 - 1705 LYON, Adriaen View Details
  • Adriaen van der Kabel Rijswijk 1630/1 - 1705 Lyon , SOUTHERN LANDSCAPE WITH PEASANTS AND A MULE oil on oak panel in a gilt Régence-style frame, Adriaen View Details
  • CABEL, ADRIAEN VAN DER (follower, 1631-1705). Two, Adriaen View Details
  • Circle of Adriaen van der Cabel (Ryswyck 1631-1705 Lyons) A busy harbour scene with figures in the foreground 18 1/2 x 28 3/4in, Adriaen View Details
  • * Attribué à Adriaen van der CABEL. (1631 - 1705), Adriaen View Details
  • Cabel, Adrian van der: (1631 Ryswyk - Lyon 1705)., Adriaen View Details

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