Lot 81: 1754 letter signed by Dr. William Heberden

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Description: 1754 letter signed by William Heberden (1719-1801), fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in London; and two years later he settled in London, where he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1749, and enjoyed an extensive medical practice for more than thirty years.Robert Taylor (1710-1784), and Edward Hulse (1684-1759) regarding the health of a Duke,

An Answer to the Duke of R-
The disorder seems at pr--¬taking such a favorable turn,----¬there is no evident occasion for - --ept a little rhubarband we---- that the more active ones can not be used without some danger. It seems therefore most desirable, that his Grace should for some time chiefly trust to such exercise, as can be born with ease, and any plain light Diet, which agrees with the stomach, and can be eaten with appetite. if rhubarb be used a few grains may be taken every day, the dose to be determined by what the body can bear, or may require; according as it is disposed to be loose or costive. But as to soap, or any preparations of it, Lime water, vomits, chalybeat or even Bath water, we judge it advisable not to use them, unless they are more evidently required.
E. Hulse
R. Taylor W. Heberden
London, March 7 1754
7 1/2" x 12"
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