James D. Julia

October 7, 2008
Fairfield, ME, US

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Description: CIVIL WAR P.S. JUSTICE NAVAL RIFLE MUSKET AND BAYONET. NSN. Cal.69. 39" bbl rifled with three grooves, bayonet lug located on bottom of barrel and marked W on the rear sight base with folding sighting leaves for 300 and 500 yards. This gun is considered a type III having the barrel retained by three bands. The Model 1858 type rear sight and the musket is generally of Enfield pattern. Lock is marked P.S. JUSTICE/ PHILADELPHIA in two lines. The butt plate, trigger guard, patch box, barrel bands and nose cap are all brass. This gun has its original matching bayonet marked PJ at the ricasso of the 17 inch long blade complete with locking clasp. An anchor cartouche is present between the lock screws and "USN" in large capital letters on the left side of the stock near the butt and in small caps behind the trigger tang. CONDITION: All iron retains most of the original brown finish (including the matching bayonet), brass shows nice smooth patina and the wood generally very good to fine with no major losses and sharp cartouches. Overall this is a very fine P.S. Justice rifle musket having its original matching bayonet, which by itself is a rarity, both sling swivels and a wood tompion.   4-35737 PAS23 (4,500-6,000)
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