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Fine Watches

by Artcurial

January 19, 2017, 6:00 PM CET

Monaco, Monaco, Monaco

Live Auction


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Estimate: €8,000 - €12,000

Millieu du XVIIème siècle

Montre pendentif en métal doré et cristal de roche avec stackfreed
Boîtier : octogonal, 10 panneaux de cristal de roche
Cadran : à une aiguille, chiffres romains pour les heures sur cercle
Mouvement : échappement à verge, barillet finement ciselé à décor de feuillages, pré-balancier spiral et stackfreed, signé "Conrad Kreizer"
Dim. : 32 x 38 x 25 mm.

A gilt metal pendant rock crytal watch with stackfreed

Provenance : Collection privée européenne / Private European Collection

Commentaire : Un très bel exemple associé à une prestigieuse dynastie d''horlogers de la région d''Augsburg . Il est intéressant de noter que cette montre comporte un élément rare : le stackfreed, premier élément de précision dans les mouvements de montres primitives, par la suite remplacé par le fameux balancier spiral au XVIIIe siècle.
Le stackfreed témoigne de l''art horloger de cette époque où les montres étaient avant tout des éléments d''apparat réservés à la noblesse et au clergé.
Une montre cruciforme en cristal de roche avec le stackfreed, signée du même horloger, a été vendue en 2011 à Genève. Certains exemples signés sont aujourd''hui conservés dans les plus prestigieuses collections des musées du Louvre, Victoria & Albert Museum. Par ailleurs une montre en cristal de roche est conservée au Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Conrad Kreizer (Aussi Kreiser, Kreitzer, or Kraizerer) Horloger reconnu au XVIIe siècle dans la région d''Augsburg. G. H. Baillie Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World (KEIZER. Conrad. Strasbourg or Augsburg).

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Monaco Yacht Club
Friday, January 20th, 10am - 7pm Saturday, January 21st, 10am - 7pm

Artcurial SAM
6 Avenue des Citronniers - 98000 Monaco On demande and on appointment (+377 97 77 51 99 ) from Monday, Januray 23rd

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7 Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris
On demande and on appointment from Wednesday, January 25th :
Monday to Friday, 9.30am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 6pm
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a) In addition of the lot's hammer price, the buyer must pay the following costs and fees/taxes by lot and by decreasing scale : 1) Lots from the UE:
• From 1 to 150,000 euros: 25 % + current VAT.
• From 150,001 to 1,200,000 euros: 20 %
+ current VAT.
• Over 1,200,00 euros: 12 % + current VAT.
2) Lots from outside the UE: (identified by an ). In addition to the commissions and taxes indicated above, importation expenses will be charged (5.5% of the hammer price, 20% for jewelry and watches, motorcars, wines and spirits and multiples).
3) Artcurial SAM being subject to VAT on the margin, no document mentions VAT.
4) The VAT on buyer's premium and importation expenses may be refund to the purchaser on presentation of written proof of exportation outside the UE.
An UE purchaser who will submit his intra-Community VAT number will be exempted from paying the VAT on buyer's premium providing he can prove with an adequate document that his purchase will be shipped to his EU country home address.
5) The payment of the lot will be made in cash, for the entire price, costs and taxes, even when an export license is required.
The purchaser will be authorized to pay by the following means:
- In cash, up to 30,000 euros, on presentation of their identity papers ;
-By bank check drawn on a Monegasque or French bank upon presentation of identification and to any legal person, registration certificate society (checks drawn on a foreign bank are not accepted).
- By bank transfer in euros;
- By credit card: VISA, MASTERCARD or AMEX (in case of payment by AMEX, a additional 1.85 % commission corresponding to cashing costs will be collected).
6) Rights for the authors of graphic and art works: The foregoing shall not preclude, as appropriate, the application of Article 11-1 of the Act No. 491 of 24 November 1948 on the protection of Literary and artistic Works and the Ministerial Decree No. 87-007 of 12 January 1987 on its application.
b) Artcurial SAM will be authorized to reproduce in the official auction record and on the bid summary the information that the buyer will have provided before the sale. The buyer will be responsible for any false information given.
Should the buyer have neglected to give his personal information before the sale, he will have to give the necessary information as soon as the sale of the lot has taken place.
Any person registered by Artcurial SAM has right of access and of rectification to the personal data provided to Artcurial SAM pursuant to the provisions of Law No. 1165 of 23 December 1993, as amended by Law No. 1353 of 4 December 2008 on the protection of personal information.
c) The lot must to be insured by the buyer immediately after the purchase. The buyer will have no recourse against Artcurial SAM, in the event where, due to a theft, loss or deterioration of his lot after the purchase, the compensation he received from Artcurial SAM 's insurer proves insufficient.
d) The lot will be delivered to the buyer only after the entire payment of the price, costs and taxes. If payment is made by check, the lot will be delivered after cashing, eight working days after the check deposit.
In the meantime Artcurial SAM may invoice to the buyer the costs of storage of the lot, and if applicable the costs of handling and transport.
Should the buyer fail to pay the amount due, and after notice to pay has been given by Artcurial SAM to the buyer without success, at the seller's request, the lot is re-offered for sale, under the procedure known as "procédure de folle enchère" (irresponsible bidding). If the seller does not make this request within three months from the date of the sale, the sale will be automatically cancelled, without prejudice to any damages owed by the defaulting buyer.
In addition, Artcurial SAM reserves the right to claim against the defaulting buyer, if they so choose:
- interest at the legal rate increased by five points,
- reimbursement of additional costs generated by the buyer's default,
- payment of the difference between the initial hammer price and the price of sale after "procédure de folle enchère" if it is inferior as well as the costs generated by the new auction.
Artcurial SAM also reserves the right to set off any amount Artcurial SAM may owe the defaulting buyer with the amounts to be paid by the defaulting buyer.
Artcurial SAM reserves the right to exclude from any future auction, any bidder who has been a defaulting buyer or who has not fulfilled these general conditions of purchase.
e) For items purchased which are not collected within seven days from after the sale (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays included), Artcurial SAM will be authorized to move them into a storage place at the defaulting buyer's expense, and to release them to same after payment of corresponding costs, in addition to the price, costs and taxes.
f) ) The buyer may obtain a certificate of sale upon request which will be invoiced EUR60.
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