Ernst Barlach, Der Einsame, 1911

Lot 206: Ernst Barlach, Der Einsame, 1911


December 2, 2016, 6:00 PM CET
Cologne, Germany
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Description: Signed 'E. Barlach' on back right side of the plinth and foundry mark "H. NOACK BERLIN" on lower left edge of the plinth. One of 15 unnumbered posthumous casts executed since 1952. According to the Ernst Barlach Lizenzverwaltung, the present cast is from the end of 1950s or the beginning of the 1960s. There were no life-time casts.With a confirmation from Ernst Barlach, Ernst Barlach Lizenzverwaltung, Ratzeburg, to the former owner dated 26 September 2016.Ernst Barlach relocated to Güstrow in 1910. His works of those years are sometimes defined by a taste for a grotesque and fanciful materiality, reflecting the simple life of farmers and day labourers, shepherds and market women. Far from any bucolic clichés, Barlach's figures stand in a direct relationship with the nature and lifeworld surrounding them, resisting the dictated forms of bourgeois existence with a quiet gesture: “The dramatically moved beings created by this artist are not representatives of their own 'particular little feelings', they do not ponder subjective ills; instead, they point beyond egocentrism to social behaviour, they make themselves the spokespersons of those who live in the shadows. Robust and shy, timid and full of hopes for the future, they emerge out of their seclusion and into the light.” (Elmar Jansen, Ein halbmythischer Mann namens Barlach, in: exhib. cat. Ernst Barlach: Bildhauer, Zeichner, Graphiker, Schriftsteller 1870-1938, Antwerpen 1994-1995, Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, p. 289).“Der Einsame” is distinguished by his bulky and, at the same time, skilfully dynamised body. Holding a candle in his left hand, the loosely hanging robes reveal part of the upper torso. The man concentratedly directs his gaze into space and, in doing so, seems so captivated that he is in danger of losing his balance. It is this slow movement paired with the searching gaze that provide the figure with a deeply scenic aspect. In addition to the plaster model for the present bronze, an only slightly larger wooden figure (Laur 167) was created in 1911. Initially in the collection of Tilla Durieux, it is now located at the Hamburger Kunsthalle.
Dimensions: Height 58.9 cm. On cast-with plinth 4.3 x 29 x 22 cm
Artist or Maker: Ernst Barlach
Medium: Bronze
Date: 1911
Condition Report: Lighter brown patina, partially greenish (primarily in the recesses).
Exhibited: Reutlingen 1955 (Spendhaus); Tuttlingen 1955 (Jahn-Halle); Freiburg 1955 (Augustinermuseum); Antwerpen 1957 (Middelheimpark), 4. Biennale voor Beeldhouwkunst, cat. no. 3; Brussels 1958 (Weltausstellung); Bremen 1959 (Kunsthalle Bremen), Ernst Barlach, cat. no. 497, illus. p. 27; Hamburg 1977 (Ernst Barlach Haus Hamburg, Stiftung Hermann F. Reemtsma), no. 26; Kyoto/ Tokyo/ Kofu 2006 (The National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto/ The University Art Museum, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music/Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art, Kofu), cat. no. 61
Literature: Anita Beloubek-Hammer, Ernst Barlach, Plastische Meisterwerke, Leipzig 1996, pp. 10, 44 f.; Hamburg 2003 (Hauptkirche St. Katharinen Hamburg), Ernst Barlach. Mystiker der Moderne, Hamburg 2003, p. 219
Provenance: Private collection, North Germany
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December 2, 2016, 6:00 PM CET

Cologne, Germany

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