Lot 21: König 500 GP, Model Year 1973

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December 8, 2016, 6:00 PM CET
Berlin, Germany
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Description: König 500 GP Motor Königsbau Deutschland, model year 1973 First registration: Germany, 1973 Vehicle identification number: n.s. Engine identification number: n.s. Water-cooled two-stroke engine with 4 cylinders, 680 ccm, 95+ hp Manual 5-gear transmission Color: black / yellow Special conditions: 17.85 % buyer's premium incl. VAT Preview, collection and storage conditions: see auction announcements Please contact Auctionata for further information or to make an appointment to view. Some traces from an accident are still visible today. The motorcycle was occasionally used in Italy in the 1970s, in the following years it was part of different private collections. Numerous articles about the König 500 GP in connection with Kim Newcombe or Motor Königsbau are in existence. In 2014 the original finish from Newcombe's days was restored. The engine was revised and restored. Another special feature is the signature of Carlo Ubbiali, nine times world motorcycle racing champion, on the fuel tank. Aftera crash in 1973 the front part, mainly the front wheel and brake were damaged and repaired later in the decade. The motorcycle was used for further races in the late 1970ies. The original Ceriani front brake has been replaced by an original Yamaha GP factory team front brake during the 1970ies. Further, exhaust mufflers were added during this time. The fairing of the motorcycle has recently been restored at the front end of the motorcycle. The rear part and the seat are still original. The engine has been revised and overhauled in 2015. The frame color is not original; it was actually originally silver-grey. The complete paneling was newly restored. The front fender is not original. The original engine was removed and an outboard-racing engine was installed by the Berlin company Königsbau. The engine was recently restored and revised. The clutch basket is not original, but was newly installed. Beforehand it was open. The brake cable going to the rear wheel brake does not match the original. On the rear wheel is a Simplex dual cam brake. The brake lever fitting does not match the original. The carburetor of the engine was replaced. The brake cable to the rear brake has been newly laid. Front fork and front wheel have been replaced. Not original. The gears come with rods and levers and do not match the original. The compact König 500 GP is a classic racing motorbike with a racing engine from the Berlin powerboat manufacturer 'Motor Königsbau'. In the early 1970s the race driver Kim Newcombe (1944-1973) from New Zealand and John Dodds (born in 1943) from Australia developed a four-cylinder two-stroke boxer engine together with Dieter König (1931-1991). These engines were modeled on boat engines that were suitable for race bikes of the 350 and 500 solo class, as well as for the sidecar class. Newcombe used these engines mostly in own chassis, the König 500 GP became the most famous of these motorcycles. The bike with a round rear part, an elongated fuel tank and a very basic cockpit is an absolute lightweight: without fuel and oil it weighs only 130 kg. The fairing conceals the broad four-cylinder two-stroke boxer-engine from the Berlin powerboat workshop, it is suspended in a tick bridge frame. Newcombe had his breakthrough with the both aesthetic and strong bike in the 1970s, especially since he ended the dominance of the MV Augusta in the German Grand Prix. In 1973 the race driver was about to win the world cup in the 500 ccm class, but he died in an accident in Silverstone. However, he was posthumously nominated world-vice champion. Today the König 500 is offered as a kit made by the former König driver Norbert Schülle. The vehicle has to be paid and collected within 7 business days after the auction. The collection may be made via collection by the costumer or via collection by a transport company. A timely collection can also made via a commissioning of Auctionata to a fee-based transport (flat shipping rate). If the time period lapses without a result, the buyer has to pay storage costs in the amount of 25,- € per day. Please note the warranty restrictions as specified in article 10.1 in our terms and conditions. Shipping costs excl. statutory VAT and plus 2,5% (+VAT) shipping insurance.
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