Lot 33: National Treasure: Qing Dynasty Emperor's Silver Cup with Precious Stones

Hong Kong Washington Company

October 29, 2016
Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Description: This is the silver cup used by Qing Emperors on the first day of New Year ceremony. The Emperor used this cup to drink a special wine called 'Tao So Wine' which is a herbal wine to get rid of many diseases. 'The rim of the cup is carved with four Chinese characters 'Jin Au Yong Ku' meaning the Qing Dynasty will last for ever. This cup was probably made during the latter part of Qianlong Period because by the end of the Qianlong Period (1795), four other cups were also made but using gold instead. Only the Palace Museum in Taipei has a gold cup with this design. This silver cup is probably the prototype of the gold cup. Therefore, this silver cup is indeed a national treasure. 金甌永固杯,是乾隆皇帝御制國寶,也是世界上金銀器兩件代表作之一,是我國極為罕見的周易吉祥寶物,富有巨大的歷史研究價值,極為珍貴。更神奇的是,金甌永固杯在歷史上是“康乾盛世”大吉寶物。 “金甌永固杯”寓意大清的疆土、政權永固。“金甌永固杯”是清代皇帝每年元旦舉行開筆儀式時專用的酒杯。每當元旦,清帝在養心殿明窗,把“金甌永固杯”放在紫檀長案上,把屠蘇酒注入杯內,親燃蠟燭,提起毛筆,書寫祈求江山社稷平安永固的吉語,所以“金甌永固杯”被清代皇帝視為珍貴的祖傳器物
Dimensions: Diameter 3 in., H 4 3/4 in.
Date: 18th Century
Condition Report: Silver oxidized due to ageing
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