Lot 639: Rare Documented Ernst Rohm Inscribed SA Dagger with Sheath, Hanger and Checkered Grip, as Photographed in Angolia's Daggers, Bayonets & Fighting Knives of Hitler's Germany

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April 19, 2013, 9:00 AM CST
Rock Island, IL, US
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Description: Estimate: $6000 - 9000 Manufacturer: None Model: None Joining the Nazi party in 1919, Ernst Rohm was a co-founder of and eventual chief of the Sturmabteilung (SA), also known as the Stormtroopers or Brown Shirts, who served as the uniformed branch of the NSDAP, providing security for party rallies, engaging in strong arm tactics, and the occasional street fight with rival political militias. In February 1934, Rohm was granted the authority to issue honor daggers to members of the SA who had joined before 1932 and were still active in the organization. June of the same year would see the Night of the Long Knives, Hitler's purge of the SA, initiated both to consolidate his power in the Nazi Party and to maintain the loyalty of the Wehrmacht, which Rohm sought to disband. The purge was followed by a general order to all recipients to either have the inscription removed or destroy the blade and buy a replacement. All existing legible Rohm Honor Daggers are from the limited number of die-hard loyalists who chose to take the risks needed to conceal their unground blades, making surviving examples rare. 13 5/8 inches overall, the blade measures 8 5/8 inches long with the "Alles fur Deutschland" inscription on one side and "In Herzlicher Freundschaft Ernst Rohm" (In Heartfelt Friendship Ernst Rohm) on the reverse leading to the Carl Eickhorn logo. Standard nickel hilt fittings, with "Wf" stamped into the guard, and a checkered brown hardwood grip with proper eagle and "SA" medallion inlays. With a brown finished, nickel fitted sheath and a brown leather belt hanger with "A" and "DRGM" marked fittings. This blade is pictured on Page 24 of Daggers, Bayonets & Fighting Knives of Hitler's Germany, where it is placed side-by-side with a Rohm Dagger with a ground off signature for comparison. The checkered grip, visible in the shot, is presented without comment. BBL: Stock: Gauge: Finish: Grips: Serial Number: Condition: Fine with some light handling marks and spotting on the bright, once polished blade, a few light dents on the wood and minor wear on the enamel, nickel and leather. Sheath is fine. A rare artifact from one of the greatest internal upheavals in Nazi Germany.
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