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Fine Asian Art

by Galerie Zacke Vienna

November 19, 2016, 2:00 PM CET

Vienna, Vienna, Austria

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Estimate: €400 - €800

Description: Turquoise. China, Qing-Dynasty, 19th century

Of upright, rectangular form with likewise rectangular foot. Fine hollowing of the stone. Depicted are symmetrically arranged and elevated rectangles with overlapping “veins” of the Turquoise stone. Very fine weathering, a bit faded but good patina. Glass stopper with metal spoon.
From the Dutch collection Raymond Burleson

Burleson worked in the early 80´s in the editorial office of an art magazine in Den Haag, when his growing interest in art also flourished. Subsequently active in international art trade, he specialized in early European art beginning with 15th cent., painting of 17th-19th cent., as well as occasionally also in Asian art. He was active in Europe, as also in America and Asia.
Over the years, he became increasingly interested in Chinese porcelain and started to create a collection from 1980 to 1990 with objects of the 19th and 20th centuries, also snuffbottles, little bottles for snuff tobacco. He acquired at a time when one could still affordably buy and choose from the greatest selection. His collection offers today the possibility of learning to appreciate the quality of best latest porcelain designed in the tradition of past periods (often carrying the corrresponding period terms such as Kangxi, Qianlong etc.), as their actual and often astounding quality was truly equitable. Burleson built up a collection over the years of several hundred of the most beautiful porcelain pieces, which now due to his age are gradually being sold.

來自阿姆斯特丹的 Raymond Burleson 先生舊藏
Raymond Burleson 先生曾在 20 世紀 80 年代初在海牙市當編輯,工作在一家藝術史方面的雜誌。在這裏對藝術產生了興趣,後來當了藝術買賣專家。其專業為15世紀歐洲藝術,17至19世紀歐洲繪畫以及亞洲美術。他曾也在歐洲,亞洲,美國等地區到處旅遊。
百忙之中Burleson 先生也越來越集中於收藏中國瓷器。20 世紀 80 和 90 年代曾建立主要藏 19 和 20 世紀的瓷器美術品的珍品收藏,另外還集中收藏各種各樣的鼻煙壺。在其時代很幸運得還是有很寬闊的選擇機會,並且價格常常極為佳。其收藏如今提供拿到晚期瓷器的最為精選的作品的機會。很多瓷器物品是按照過去某些時代的風格而製造,有些還存在著模仿當年號(如康熙,乾隆等)的標誌。這個收藏剛好證明了比較新的瓷器也得為其特有的質量而保護下來,正如收藏家根據他罕見的眼力收集了數幾百件最為精美的瓷器收藏。值得注意的是,這個收藏此次全部而出售,然而跟一般情況一件一件出售的方法有很大的不同。

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