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November 10, 2012, 9:30 AM EST
Mt. Crawford, VA, US
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Description: STAMPED "IRELAND / DUEY / SHINNICK / MT. CRAWFORD / VA." DECORATED STONEWARE PITCHER, salt glazed, "2" gallon capacity mark with cross-hatched background, cylindrical body with a sharp shoulder and slightly flared neck, incised rings below rim, on shoulder and above the pronounced foot. Elaborate brushed cobalt decoration comprising a double tulip on front flanked by single flowers, a chain encircling the shoulder, and a chain-swag with leaf-tassel motif off the rim. The pottery of Mathias Ireland, George Duey, and James Shinnick, Rockingham Co., Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.
Dimensions: 13" H, 6 1/2" D rim, 8" D base.
Date: 1868-1875.
Condition Report: Outstanding appearance, professional restoration to spout, handle and base, rim with two very minor flakes and a light hairline, minor light hairline off base, several glaze pops.
Literature: See Evans/Suter - A Great Deal of Stone & Earthenware, p. 52, fig. 63 and p. 67, fig. 101 for related decorations.
Provenance: From an old Harrisonburg, VA private collection.
Notes: This pitcher's form appears to be unique within the Shenandoah Valley. It's decoration shows strong influences of both Alexandria and Strasburg potteries. James Shinnick was born and likely apprenticed in Baltimore, MD prior to working in Strasburg, VA and later moving to Mt. Crawford. While no evidence has been found that places him in Alexandria, the decoration seen on this pitcher and several other pieces of Mt. Crawford pottery, including a crock with a sunflower surrounding the mark similar to wares by H. Smith of Alexandria, suggests that Shinnick spent time or was familiar exposed to the decorative motifs being used in Alexandria.
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