Tikun Olam. Kolomyia, 1901.

Lot 35: Tikun Olam. Kolomyia, 1901.

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January 15, 2013, 5:30 PM EET
Jerusalem, Israel
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Description: Unique statutes from the Rabbis and appointees of the 'Vaad Arba HaArtzot' regarding wealthy people who purchase rabbinical positions for their relatives. Includes a 'terrible incident' that occurred on the eve of Shavous, [1728], when two brothers were murdered in sanctification of Hashem's name, Rabbi Chaim Reiches, Rosh Yeshiva of Lemberg and his brother Rabbi Yehoshua. The Rabbinate played a part in their murder. Authored by Moshe Yaakov Schwardscharf. Kolomyia, [1901].The decisions were authorized by the Vaad years earlier, in [1587], [1590], [1597], and [1640]. They were reprinted here in Yiddish with the addition of the incident and other statues. Along with the response of Rabbi Yaakov Schorr and Rabbi Moshe Chagiz regarding the issue.Additional statutes: From [1639], regarding shidduchim, and a statute from [1583] regarding extortion from the family of a deceased by delaying the burial. 16 leaves. Unbound. Fine condition.
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