Jewerly and Watches Auction

by Morton Casa de Subastas
April 24, 2013 7:00 PM CST Live auction
Mexico DF, MX | Auction Details

209 Lots


Accepted Forms of Payment: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Wire Transfer


El costo del envio corre por cuenta del comprador
Shipping cost under buyers expense

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Buyer's Premium
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MXN0 MXN999 MXN100
MXN1,000 MXN1,200 MXN200
MXN1,201 MXN1,500 MXN300
MXN1,501 MXN1,800 MXN300
MXN1,801 MXN2,000 MXN200
MXN2,001 MXN2,200 MXN200
MXN2,201 MXN2,500 MXN300
MXN2,501 MXN2,800 MXN300
MXN2,801 MXN3,000 MXN200
MXN3,001 MXN3,200 MXN200
MXN3,201 MXN3,500 MXN300
MXN3,501 MXN3,800 MXN300
MXN3,801 MXN4,000 MXN200
MXN4,001 MXN4,200 MXN200
MXN4,201 MXN4,500 MXN300
MXN4,501 MXN4,800 MXN300
MXN4,801 MXN5,000 MXN200
MXN5,001 MXN9,999 MXN500
MXN10,000 MXN19,999 MXN1,000
MXN20,000 MXN49,999 MXN2,000
MXN50,000+ MXN5,000

tarjeta de credito - credit card - paypa: Si el pago se efectua mediante tarjeta de credito, se hará un cargo del 6.6% sobre el total de la compra.

If payment by credit card, there will be a 6.6% charge from the total amount of invoice

Envio y Empaque / Shipping and Packaging: El costo del envio corre por cuenta del comprador
Shipping cost under buyers expense

Nota de tipo de cambio / Exchange rate : Se toma el tipo de cambio a $12.00 x 1 USD
1 USD per $12.00 pesos is the applicable exchange rate for the auction

Si el pago se efectua con tarjeta de crédito se hace un cargo del 6.6% adicional por uso de tarjeta.

a 6.6% charge is applied to all credit card payments from the total invoice.

Comisión / Premium: 20% from hammer price + 3% artfact live
20% del precio de martillo + 3% de artfact live

IVA / Mexican tax: 16% de la comisión sin excepción
16% from premium No exception