Coins, Jewellery, Silver & Antiques

by Theodore Bruce
June 23, 2013 10:30 AM AEST Live auction
Ashfield, NSW, AU | Auction Details

787 Lots

402A: A diamond ring
Est: A$150 - A$200
405: A diamond ring
Est: A$200 - A$250
407: An elephant ring
Est: A$500 - A$750
408: A diamond bangle
Est: A$2,500 - A$3,000
409: A butterfly pendant
Est: A$50 - A$100
410: A ruby and diamond ring
Est: A$1,300 - A$1,600
411: A Rado wrist watch
Est: A$450 - A$500
413: A Ligo stopwatch
Est: A$100 - A$150
415: An Omega wrist watch
Est: A$300 - A$350
416: A diamond ring
Est: A$1,250 - A$1,500
417: A gold chain
Est: A$275 - A$350
420A: A diamond ring
Est: A$700 - A$1,000
422: A pair of diamond hoops
Est: A$1,400 - A$1,600
423: A three stone diamond ring
Est: A$5,000 - A$6,000
424: Two diamond band rings
Est: A$1,500 - A$2,000
428: A diamond ring
Est: A$3,500 - A$4,000
429A: A Diamond Ring
Est: A$1,000 - A$1,500
431: A gold lady brooch
Est: A$500 - A$750
434: A gold pearl ring
Est: A$100 - A$151
435: Rolex Pocketwatch
Est: A$2,000 - A$2,500
436: A pocket watch
Est: A$80 - A$100
437: A dunhill wristwatch
Est: A$150 - A$200
438: Norexa Watch
Est: A$150 - A$250
440: A Ormo wrist watch
Est: A$450 - A$550
445: A diamond cross
Est: A$480 - A$550
445A: Two diamond rings
Est: A$400 - A$500
446: A gold bracelet
Est: A$780 - A$850
447: A diamond ring
Est: A$1,900 - A$2,200
448: A diamond ring
Est: A$1,650 - A$2,000
450A: A diamond ring
Est: A$600 - A$800
451: A moonstone ring
Est: A$180 - A$250
452: A garnet necklace
Est: A$250 - A$350
453: A gold diamond & Jade ring
Est: A$1,500 - A$2,000
454: An opal brooch
Est: A$1,000 - A$1,500
455A: A diamond ring
Est: A$2,500 - A$3,000
461: A diamond solitaire ring
Est: A$2,500 - A$3,000
462: Diamond hoop earrings
Est: A$1,500 - A$2,000
463: A diamond ring
Est: A$400 - A$500
465: Two stick pins
Est: A$50 - A$100
465A: A diamond ring
Est: A$500 - A$800
466: A gold and pearl brooch
Est: A$100 - A$1,500
467: A gold garnet cross
Est: A$250 - A$3,000
468: A gold pendant
Est: A$50 - A$75
469: Enicar Ladies watch
Est: A$100 - A$150


Accepted Forms of Payment: American Express, MasterCard, Money Order / Cashiers Check, Personal Check, Visa, Wire Transfer


All lots must be paid for and collected by 4pm AEST Tuesday 30 November.

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AUD100 AUD499 AUD20
AUD500 AUD999 AUD50
AUD1,000 AUD1,999 AUD100
AUD2,000 AUD4,999 AUD200
AUD5,000 AUD9,999 AUD500
AUD10,000 AUD19,999 AUD1,000
AUD20,000 AUD49,999 AUD2,000
AUD50,000 AUD99,999 AUD5,000
AUD100,000 AUD199,999 AUD10,000
AUD200,000 AUD499,999 AUD20,000
AUD500,000+ AUD50,000

Payments: Within Two Working Days of the Sale

Shipping & Collection: All lots must be paid for and collected by 4pm AEST Tuesday 30 November.

Buyers Premium: All Theodore Bruce Auctions in NewSouth Wales, Australia have a 20% Buyers Premium (+GST)

Australian GST: In Australia we have a Goods and Services Tax (GST) at the rate of 10% this is applicable to the Buyers Premium only.

Condition Reports: Please contact us for any condition report requests.