Noble Handbags and Accessories

by Poly Auction Hong Kong
October 4, 2016 4:00 PM HKT Live auction
Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island, HK | Auction Details

146 Lots


Accepted Forms of Payment: American Express, MasterCard, Money Order / Cashiers Check, Personal Check, Visa, Wire Transfer


Relating the collection & delivery matter, please contact with Warehouse and Logistics Department.
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Phone: 2303 9899

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HKD0 HKD1,999 HKD100
HKD2,000 HKD3,199 HKD200
HKD3,200 HKD3,799 HKD300
HKD3,800 HKD4,199 HKD200
HKD4,200 HKD4,799 HKD300
HKD4,800 HKD4,999 HKD200
HKD5,000 HKD9,999 HKD500
HKD10,000 HKD19,999 HKD1,000
HKD20,000 HKD31,999 HKD2,000
HKD32,000 HKD37,999 HKD3,000
HKD38,000 HKD41,999 HKD2,000
HKD42,000 HKD47,999 HKD3,000
HKD48,000 HKD49,999 HKD2,000
HKD50,000 HKD99,999 HKD5,000
HKD100,000 HKD199,999 HKD10,000
HKD200,000 HKD319,999 HKD20,000
HKD320,000 HKD379,999 HKD30,000
HKD380,000 HKD419,999 HKD20,000
HKD420,000 HKD479,999 HKD30,000
HKD480,000 HKD499,999 HKD20,000
HKD500,000 HKD999,999 HKD50,000
HKD1,000,000+ HKD100,000

Registration & Payment: Live Bidding

Bidders who wish to use a Live Internet Bidding Facility to bid for lots in our forthcoming auctions will need to register with our Live Auction providers, Invaluable Auctions.

The auctions held by Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Limited ("Poly Auction (Hong Kong)"or"our company") are conducted according to the Conditions of Business, Important Notices, Important Notices about Bidding Registration and Important Notice about Payment, and anyone participating in the auction should read the terms carefully. These Conditions and rules may be revised by announcement or verbal notification without prior notice. To access these conditions and rules, please click on the link here .

I. When you register to bid in an auction, you will be required to pay a deposit of HK$500,000 with all relevant documents as follow in order to complete the registration.
II. Documents that must be provided when completing the on-line/live bidding registration:
(1) Individuals: photo identity i.e. national identity card and/or passport; proof of current address (if the current address is not shown on the identity document), i.e. utility bill or bank statement.
(2) Corporate clients: a certificate of incorporation and official documents listing directors and shareholders.
(3) Agents and/or Acting Personnel: photo identity of the agent and/or acting personnel, identity document
of the person/company that the agent and/or acting personnel represent, original copy of signed and/or chopped authorization letter from the particular person/ company.
III. Please note that Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Limited does not accept payment from any third party and this also applies to agent. If you participate in the bidding on behalf of others, Poly Auction (Hong Kong) only accepts the payment of the principal.
IV. All deposits must be paid in HK dollars by telegraphic transfer, credit card acceptable to Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Limited and/or Union Pay Card under your name. If you are not successful in any bid, the deposit (without interest) will be returned to you by any method as determined by Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Limited within 14 days after the end of the auction. If you successfully bid for any lot(s), Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Limited can use the deposit to offset any amount of purchase price of the lot(s) that bought by you. Any losses or expenses from foreign currency conversion involved in the refund will be borne by you.
V. Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Limited has the right to demand the Bidder to provide any proof of financial conditions, guarantee, proof of bank deposit and/or any other necessary documents that our company can demand, at its absolute discretion, and/or asking the Bidder to provide any other collateral for the Lot(s) that the latter intends to bid. Our company reserves the right to investigate the sources of funds of the Bidder.
VI. Please be aware that Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Limited can refuse any bidding registration without any explanation at its' sole discretion.
VII. You will not be approved for live bidding unless you complete the registration in full.

Live Auction Fee & Buyer's Premium

The standard buyer's premium is 18% of the hammer price. Any bids sent to us via Invaluable Auction websites attract an additional 3% charge on top, making a total of 21% of the hammer price. The extra 3% covers the service charges made by Invaluable Auctions.

We will send the buyer settlement advice via email /post to successful bidders after the sale.
Invaluable Auctions will not be responsible to charge any amount owed for lots purchased during the live bidding. Payment must be made directly to Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Limited.

I. In addition to the Hammer Price, the Buyer agrees to pay the applicable commission in respect of such Hammer Price. Payment must be made within 7 calendar days (including the day of Sale) from the day of sale. This applies even if the Buyer wishes to export the lot and export license is (or may be) required.

II. Where Lot(s) is(are) not collected within 30 calendar days (including the day of sale) from the day of sale, the Buyer must pay the monthly storage fee of HK$800 per lot starting from the 31st day. For storage less than one month, one whole month's storage fee will be charged. All other additional expenses such as insurance, packing and/or transportation costs will be charged separately.

III. Our company accepts the following types of payment:

Payment should preferably be made by telegraphic transfer directly to our company's account. Please include your name, client number or lot number with your instructions to the bank.
Bank: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Account Name: Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Account No: 004-848-360475-838
Bank Code: 004

Bank: Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Branch
Account Name: Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Account No: 027-536-9-311-5318
Bank Code: 027


Our company accepts payments by credit cards and/ or Union Pay which is acceptable to Poly Auction (Hong Kong) up to HK$1,000,000 per auction sale. The Buyer has to bear the administrative charge which is not more than 2.5% of the paid amount. If buyer pay by credit card but not in person, client have to fill in the "Credit Card Authorisation Form" and send back by fax (852 23039860)/ email ( or mail to our office address (subject to conditions).


Our company accepts personal and company cheques, but please be reminded that the purchases will not be released until such cheques have been cleared. Traveler's cheques are not accepted.


If payment is made by cash or cashier order, the purchases will be released immediately. However, our company does not accept sums exceeding HK$80,000 (or its equivalent in other currencies) in cash in a single or multiple payments. Our company requests any new clients or purchasers preferring to make a cash payment to provide proof of identity and proof of the permanent address. We reserve the right to seek identification of the source of funds received.

IV. If the payment made in a currency other than Hong Kong Dollars, we shall charge the Buyer for any currency costs incurred. This will include bank charges, commissions for converting the currency. The exchange rate of Hong Kong Dollars and that currency will be the rate quoted by such bank as selected by the company, in Hong Kong on the date of payment.

V. Our company will issue an invoice of sold lot (s) based on the name and address which is (are) on the Bidding Registration Form and the registered name and address should not be changed and/ or amended.

VI. Our company does not accept payment from any third party other than the Buyer. This applies to agent as well. If the agent participates in the auction on behalf of any others, we only accept payment from the principal. Except payment from the Buyer directly, our company reserves the right to reject payments from other sources.

Shipping Terms: Relating the collection & delivery matter, please contact with Warehouse and Logistics Department.
Email :
Phone: 2303 9899