Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & Design

by Sotheby's Australia
July 29, 2014 6:00 PM AEST Live auction
MELBOURNE, VC, AU | Auction Details

295 Lots

84: A silver vaseMeiji period
Est: A$1,000 - A$1,500
109: A naginata19th century
Est: A$1,500 - A$2,500
125: Two jade carvings (2)
Est: A$1,500 - A$2,000
128: A celadon jade pendant
Est: A$1,200 - A$1,800
129: A white jade 'lotus' bowl (2)
Est: A$15,000 - A$20,000
143: A Qingbai bowlSong dynasty
Est: A$1,500 - A$2,500
176: Two snuff bottles (5)
Est: A$800 - A$1,200
177: Two snuff bottles (4)
Est: A$1,200 - A$1,800
184: A soapstone carving (2)
Est: A$3,000 - A$4,000
185: An agate pendant
Est: A$1,000 - A$1,500
188: A zitan brushpot, Bitong
Est: A$2,000 - A$3,000


Accepted Forms of Payment: American Express, MasterCard, Other, Personal Check, Visa, Wire Transfer


Auction House will help arrange shipment, at buyer's expense

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AUD2,000 AUD2,999 AUD200
AUD3,000 AUD3,199 AUD200
AUD3,200 AUD3,499 AUD300
AUD3,500 AUD3,799 AUD300
AUD3,800 AUD3,999 AUD200
AUD4,000 AUD4,199 AUD200
AUD4,200 AUD4,499 AUD300
AUD4,500 AUD4,799 AUD300
AUD4,800 AUD4,999 AUD200
AUD5,000 AUD9,999 AUD500
AUD10,000 AUD19,999 AUD1,000
AUD20,000 AUD29,999 AUD2,000
AUD30,000 AUD31,999 AUD2,000
AUD32,000 AUD34,999 AUD3,000
AUD35,000 AUD37,999 AUD3,000
AUD38,000 AUD39,999 AUD2,000
AUD40,000 AUD41,999 AUD2,000
AUD42,000 AUD44,999 AUD3,000
AUD45,000 AUD47,999 AUD3,000
AUD48,000 AUD49,999 AUD2,000
AUD50,000 AUD99,999 AUD5,000
AUD100,000 AUD199,999 AUD10,000
AUD200,000 AUD299,999 AUD20,000
AUD300,000 AUD319,999 AUD20,000
AUD320,000 AUD349,999 AUD30,000
AUD350,000 AUD379,999 AUD30,000
AUD380,000 AUD399,999 AUD20,000
AUD400,000 AUD419,999 AUD20,000
AUD420,000 AUD449,999 AUD30,000
AUD450,000 AUD479,999 AUD30,000
AUD480,000 AUD499,999 AUD20,000
AUD500,000 AUD999,999 AUD50,000
AUD1,000,000+ AUD50,000

Shipping Terms: Auction House will help arrange shipment, at buyer's expense

Credit Cards, surcharge: A credit card administration fee applies. The fees are 0.94% for Visa and Mastercard and 3.02% for American Express.

Taxes: Please note that a Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10% is applicable to the Buyer's Premium. Certain lots may incur GST on the hammer price. Please contact Sotheby's Australia for more information +61 3 9509 2900.