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Auction Description for Scammells: The Dr Garry Scroop Collection
Viewing Notes:
16th, 20th, 21st, 23rd, 28th, 29th & 30th August 9am to 5pm. 17th, 24th & 31st August 9am to 12pm.19th & 26th August 1pm to 5pm. 22nd August 9am to 8pm. 25th August 12pm to 3pm. 2nd & 9th September 1pm to 5pm. 3rd, 4th, 6th, 10th & 11th September 9am to 5pm. 5th & 12th September 9am to 8pm. 7th September 9am to 12pm. 8th September 12pm to 5pm.
Sale Notes:

The Dr Garry Scroop Collection (429 Lots)

by Scammells

429 lots with images

September 13, 2013

Norwood, Australia


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Description: LEITZ ORTHOLUX MICROSCOPE (#501763) With large square mechanical stage. C1957/58 (1) Body tube: Trinocular body tube (FS) comprising straight photographic tube (1.25x) with binocular inclined observation eyepieces (pair of Periplan GFX10x) FS (OIYEESINE) (2) Condenser: Bright field - Berek 2 diaphragm condenser No 76 (ORBER) (3) Nosepiece Quadruple (1) 6L 170/0.17 45:1 A 0.25 (2) 170/- 10:1 A0.25 (3) ACHRO 16mm 0.27 M.S.L. Maribyrnong Australia (AU Path) (# 2073) (4) Olympus 4 0.10 (# 217362).

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Description: LEITZ LABORLUX III MICROSCOPE (#707455) Lamphouse 250 with mirror housing attached. VH source. Angled eyepiece tube in phototube with Gossen Microsix-L metering system and mounting for Leica M series camera (dustcap). Eyepiece fixed and focussing. Objectives: (1)NPl 40/0.65 (2) NPl 16/0.40 (3) NPl 6.3/0.20 (4) Pl 2.5/0.08. Late mechanical stage. Microscope mounted on grey base matching the lamp housing. Circa 1967.

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Description: LEITZ LABORLUX III MICROSCOPE (#555765) With small square mechanical stage and microscope sits on grey enamelled base for UV and tungsten light sources with separate transformers. Base has 2 pins screwed in from underneath to hold microscope in place when fitted to light source. Body tube is the photographic tube with binocular inclined eyepieces Makam fitted. Excellent condition but needs focusing service. Circa 1959 CP source.

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Description: REICHER METALLURGICAL MICROSCOPE ME F (#310/008) Circa 1954 Black enamelled/chrome metallurgical microscope (# 301/008). Currently has 10x S. 536 Reichert Austria eyepiece for viewing the image prior to photography (facility for moving the light path in or out using a prism at the end and a lever underneath the "body tube" -- the main "body tube" is internal hinges out from the left side) with a PK 6.3xm objective for focussing on to the camera plate via a mirror which can be removed from an opening at the rear of the main body. Objective 2 np Epl 8/0.15 Reichert Austria. Lamp mounted on a removable pillar with multiple adjustments and has a battery of 5 coloured filters (one missing) that can be swung in or out. Other operation similar to B and L Metalloscope. Very nice complex circular rotating stage with vernier controls. One locking pin has been broken off. Has an attached 5x4 inch plate camera with bellows. Also has a removable rectangular port for a 35 mm camera on RH side (looking from the front). Separate power supply with cold and bright light symbols for off and on. A nice quality instrument from West Germany. Later model (Me F2) illustrated in green and blue Reichert catalogue (Selby) of April 1968. 1.Literature: Original instruction pink manual for the "Me F" Universal Camera Microscope (?dated 4/54 -- April 1954?). Photocopied instructions for using the fixed-length camera "Kam V" (n.b. I have a boxed but incomplete Reichert Kam V with original instruction manual Kam bit plates but little else -- from the Levels Campus). Original Directions for Interference Tester & booklet on How the Surface of Materials is tested. 2. Box: Containing the following: (1) The focusing magnifier (see page 18 Fig. 47 of pink manual) (2) Binocular Tube (3) Tube support -- on microscope now (4) Extra tube with prism to insert on LH side for miniature photography (pink manual page.22 Fig. 57) (5) eyepieces : (a) 2 10x S. 536 (b) 2 6x (c) 2 6.3x S 250 -- in binocular tube in microscope (6) objectives: (a) 3 np Epi 15/0.25 250/0 (b) 5 np Nr. 212793 Epi 45/0.65 250/0 (c) Nr. 189 117 µhr 18:1 plus 2 extra capped screw-on nosepiece lenses (+1.5 hr and +3.0 hr) to replace the µhr end (d) 27 Nr. 204 470 Fluor 85/0.65 250/0 (e) blank objective. Other bits and pieces including stage clips for transmitted light (pink manual page. 12 Fig. 29) extra stage plate insert adapters (pink manual page 8 Fig. 15) measuring plate photographic tube extra ground glass screen gripping device (pink manual page 9 Fig. 18) etc. This is the Reichert equivalent of the Leitz Panphot -- hence the similar name connotation of "Universal camera microscope".

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Description: BAKER INTERFERENCE MICROSCOPE 1/270 c1954 Massive grey enamelled microscope in large wooden case (Baker enamelled oval plate with logo on the door). Condensers in a wooden box and 2 black leather covered boxes for the binocular head (box fits in main microscope case) and the half-shade monocular head. Two quadruple nosepieces. Simple monocular tube as well (see illustration). Several books on its operation -- best described in the 2 page light blue pamphlet from Baker. Body tube lock is a knurled double knob on right of the body tube. Eyepieces: (1) PR 321 pair of x15; (2) pair of 261 x12.5; (3) PR 511 ORTHO pair of x20; (4) PR o58 pair of x8; (5) x10 in monocular tube. [1] Objectives sets in nosepiece in microscope: (1) INT. D.F. x10 NA 0.25 C3058 (2) INT.D.F x40 NA 0.7 B4407; (3) INT.D.F. Water Imm x100 NA 1.30 A0835. One blank cover. (DF means Double Focus) Condensers: (1) x10 DF C3058 (2) x40 DF B4407; (3) x100 D.F A0837 [2] Objectives sets in nosepiece in condenser box: (1) INT. SH. x10 NA 0.25 C2977; (2) INT.SH x40 NA 0.7 B4302; Green; (3) INT.SH Water Imm x100 NA 1.30 A1724. One blank cover. (SH means Shearing System) Condensers: (1) x10 SH C2931; (2) x40 SH B4302 (in microscope); (3) x100 SH A1724. See page 5 The Baker Interference Microscope 3rd. Edition. Large long barrel eyepiece in condenser box ( labelled PH). Also 6 eyepiece blanks in condenser box (2 Zeiss!!) plus strange glass sealed trough? Note: Although all the books say the objectives are not to be removed from the nosepiece most of those in the 2 nosepieces in my example have had the locking screws for the objectives tampered with. Probably belonged to George Rogers. These microscopes cost over £350 in 1954. A major laboratory purchase at that time.

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