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Auction Description for Super Auctions: G-Force 150 Drag Race Simulator

G-Force 150 Drag Race Simulator (1 Lot)

by Super Auctions

1 lot with images

December 7, 2013

Live Auction

Branson, MO, USA

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G-Force 150 Drag Race Simulator

Description: What is the G-Force 150? The G-Force 150 (Patented) is a Top Fuel Drag Race Simulator that integrates the acceleration of a roller coaster (creating an actual and sensational G-Force experience) with the principles of simulator rides giving the driver the actual sounds, sights and smells of driving a Top Fuel Dragster. This is the first ride to combine the forward accelerating G-Force experience with real footage from a drag strip race on front and side screens and simultaneously offer driver's control over reaction time. What to Expect from the Ride Experience: Nine racers enter the sleek race car after the body splits open, pivoting on hydraulic shocks with the front and back of the car opening from the center. After the pit crew helps the riders into the car, three point safety belts are secured and the car closes. Each seat has a gas pedal that signals computers that record and display reaction time. The riders experience in surround video and hear in surround sound the sensation of a real drag race beginning with the burn-out of the tires, the back-up to the starting line and the anticipation of the "Christmas Tree" start. When the light turns green, the drivers step on their accelerators and experience the adrenaline rush as they feel and see their car race down the track edging out the competing car on the left at the finish line. The car then drives to the winner's circle and the drivers are congratulated for driving the winning car. As the video concludes, the car has returned to begin the next cycle. As they exit the car the racers look to a video screen to see how their reaction time compared to their competitors. Additional Information About the G-Force: The only one in existence (the prototype), a real-size dragster which runs on a 150 foot straight-line track and is propelled to high rates of acceleration, up to 330 MPH in a matter of just 4 Seconds! The G-Force 150 driver's compartment, also know as "the sled" has an LCD video screen located on the front windshield and on each side window. Audio sounds are also introduced into the cab during the ride. A central computer system synchronizes video, audio, acceleration and deceleration so that the sensory perceptions of sight, sound and feeling of an actual drag strip race are created. The nine occupants are positioned inside the driver's compartment with a full safety harness securing him/her in place in the adjustable seats. Each racer also has an individual acceleration pedal. Once the simulated light tower signals that the dragster is set to race, each driver pushes their acceleration pedal to accelerate the vehicle through an initial acceleration zone. The dragster is propelled by use of a pneumatically powered piston attached to a cable located out of sight underneath the vehicle. The race is finished when the car passes the finish line. Speeds and the winner are displayed on the starting line tower. The car is then returned to the loading and unloading area for the next set of riders. Inventor: Steve Norbury Mechanical Engineers: Bill Kelley, P.E. Dynamic Designs, Inc. Control & Drive System: Rockwell Automation Footprint: 25' x 20' adjacent to 135' x 12' Capacity: 9 Passengers Cycle Time: Estimated at 4 to 5 minutes depending upon efficiency in loading & unloading which includes: (1) Ride Duration (1 minute & 55 seconds); (2) Opening and closing the car of ingress / egress (totaling 40 seconds); (3) Loading and harness check followed by unloading. *This third component can be influenced significantly by the operators efficiency. Propulsion: Alternating current drive system featuring Allen Bradley 300 HP motor with drive and control system engineered and manufactured by Rockwell Automation. Electrical: 480 Volt (3-Phase) 400 AMP Drive: Drum, Cable and Pulley Track: 8" tube steel elevated 40" from ground and mounted on dual concrete pads at 15' intervals. 5 pieces, each 30' in length. Manufacturer: Racing Attractions, LLC - Manufacturing Series I, Alton, Illinois

Condition Report: Prototype - In Working Condition

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