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Auction Description for Galerie Zacke Vienna: Asian Art
Sale Notes:

Asian Art (347 Lots)

by Galerie Zacke Vienna

347 lots with images

May 24, 2014

Vienna, Austria


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Description: Thangka painting on textile. Tibet, 18th / 19th century Meticulous painting depicting Mahasiddha ("The Great Saint") Saraha in the center. His strong body is entirely painted red, bearing a third eye, his shoulders and waist draped with a tiger pelt, crowned with a tiara, the ears bejeweled, snakes entwining his body, holding pasha (loop) and khatvanga (tantric staff) in his hands; Yogingi colored white and seated at his side, she is rendered with a naked upper body that is adorned with decorative chains, wearing tiara with skulls and holding her attributes shara (arrow) and capa (bow), both figures very vividly painted and are shown seated on a lion throne. Yogini was said to be an arrow maker. The arrow symbolizes the "way to absoluteness". Previously the depiction possibly was slightly larger in size, traces of an earlier mounting visible from the perforation to edges, with passepartout and framed.SIZE IMAGE 47,5 x 35,8 CMSIZE FRAME 63 x 50,4 CMFrom a Viennese private collectionNote: Legend says that Yogini prepared radish-curry as a meal for the great Saraha, but he decided to meditate for a while before eating. In the end he sat in meditationfor twelve years. When he finally stopped, he was crying for hunger and demanded his radish curry, making Yogini furious, after which Saraha withdrew into solitude...薩惹哈與瑜伽母像. 彩繪唐卡. 西藏, 18 至19世紀. 圖畫47,5 X 35,8 厘米, 全部 63 X 50,4 厘米.

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Description: Silver. Tibet, 19th centuryVery fine and elaborate craftsmanship! Butterlamps were used in the Lamaistic cult ceremonies. They are formed as a calyx. The present example offers decoration in a relief,composed of lotus leafs and flowers, further offering decorative pearled bands and ribs bearing abstracted flowers, the vessel is composed of three parts, patina, and very good condition.HEIGHT 10,3 CMFrom a German private collection銀制小油燈. 西藏, 19 世紀. 高 10.3 厘米.

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Description: Silver, wood. Tibet, 19th centuryTea bowl with elaborate decoration, the foot and lower section done in silver repouss√© including very elaborate decoration with mythic creatures and interspersedpatterns, the mouth rim and the inner wall evenly covered with silver metal, the latter comprising four beasts (of lion kind, dragons, winged creatures) done inhalf relief and set within lobed reserves, the fifth beast arranged on the recessed bottom with Garuda (of human body, standing, holding a trapping rope), interspersedwith geometric patterns, rimmed with patterns of pearl, rib or lotus.HEIGHT 6,8 CM, DIAMETER 16,5 CMFrom a German private collection神獸紋銀加木制茶碗. 西藏, 19 世紀. 高 6.8 厘米, 直徑16.5 厘米.

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Description: Wood, color, lacquer, gilding. Tibet, 19th centuryThis particularly appealing cabinet with one cupboard door is decorated on all sides (exterior and interior) - excluding the reverse - with rich painting and attached reliefs, the front comprising dramatic depictions rendered on a red ground including skulls, skeletons, ghosts, crossed blades, further including birds, large skulls, mythic beasts and naturalistic animals (tiger, bull, goats, horses, leopard, etc.), framed with a Chinese leiwen meander in gilt, the reverse of door painted with silhouettes of the Eight Buddhist Treasures ashtamangala, the interior walls decorated with ornate compositions comprising clouds, horned dragons and flowering peony, the outer narrow sides finely rendered with a lacquer relief on gilt ground comprising motifs of the ashtamangala, endless knot, umbrella, conch, round banner, etc.SIZE 74,7 x 53 x 35 CMFrom a Viennese private collection彩繪木雕鎏金加漆櫃. 西藏, 19 世紀. 大小 74.7 x 53 x35 厘米.

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Description: Colors on textile. Tibet, 19th - early 20th centuryVery elaborate and delicately rendered depiction of the Chinese warlord, who was a popular motif for his demon-repulsing power, Guandi shown seated on a throne in front of a cloud background, flanked by his companions Zhang Fei (on the left side with halberd) and Liu Bei (holding box with the heavenly seal), he was a highly estimated descendant of the Han Emperors, who founded the kindom of the Shu-Han (3rd century).SIZE 7,9 x 6,1 CMFrom a Viennese private collection關帝像小彩繪唐卡. 西藏, 19世紀至20世紀初. 大小 7,9 X 6,1 厘米.

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