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by Three Friends Studio, Ltd.

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Tall Wood Burl Sculpture of Shou Xing Star God of Longevity

Ships From: Lindenhurst, IL US

Description: In the Chinese mind, this sculpture has two points of interest. The first is the subject matter, and the second is the material - a tree trunk from which the sculpture was made. The God of Longevity is one of the three star gods of fortune, namely wealth, status and longevity. Many myths surround the origin of this venerable Chinese icon. He is portrayed here as an long bearded old man with a long forehead and carrying a staff. The sculptor made good use of the material, fashioning him a long cloak using the feathery grain of the wood . An icon of the God of Longevity made of wood and employing most of the natural material's attributes is often a preference by Chinese scholars over the more common painted porcelain figures found in most households. Dating presents a challenge, there is no guideline to go by. So an early 20 century date or even around the turn of the century seem plausible.

Condition Report: Excellent condition with antique patina. Cracks on the base, the two white square are tape to balance the figure

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Price: $2,800

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No Image Available

Ships From: Lindenhurst, IL US

Description: The ornate stand supports a pair of window panels that open out, with another rectangular panel below. The effect is a very beautiful decorative piece, a perfect item to use in a restaurant or a hotel or in the home to provide privacy. The carving has a whole list of auspicious symbols from birds and flowers, golden coins, 100 antiques and mythical animals. The dating is vintage, circa 1970's when machinery was introduced to facilitate ease in carving intricate designs. The general dimensions are 43.5 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 72.5 inches high. Each of the pretty window panel is 17.5 inches wide and 41 inches high.

Condition Report: Good condition, some scratches and tiny chips. There are shrinkage in the wood frame and panels

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Price: $650

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Green Glaze Pottery Han Tower of Eastern Han Dynasty

Ships From: Lindenhurst, IL US

Description: The five level green glaze residential pottery tower is dated to the Eastern Han Dynasty CE 25 - 220. It was built on a rectangular base with a courtyard gatehouse with an open double door with two guardian figures. Residents were placed at open windows of the higher floors, a welcoming appearance. This is a rather sophisticated structure with typical rounded roof tiles. Walls are decorated with windows with lattice work designs and each floor has wrapped around balconies. Mythical creatures are the decorative elements placed at the front corners of the balconies. Duogong or cap and block brackets can be seen supporting the roof on the tall first level. The tower is over 36 inches high. It has a certificate of authenticity from Oxford Authentication.

Condition Report: In good condition after minor restorations which is expected of excavated materials. Two reclining mythical creatures in a different clay were added later.

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Price: $29,500

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Chinese Antique Bed

Ships From: Lindenhurst, IL US

Description: The Chinese bed is the most elaborate among the wide variety of furniture types. Chinese beds are admired for their architectonic elements. They are constructed like miniature houses, the best examples to show off the art of Chinese furniture making. Beds are symbolic and they reflect the user's taste and wealth. It is so easy to admire the multiple parts that made up a bed, and forget that no nails were ever used.  This is the quintessential bed that embodied the skills of the Chinese craftsmen and the wealth of the person for whom it was specially made. For all intent and purpose, this was a marriage bed, a trousseau for a bride to be used in her husband's Multiple parts made up the bed - it is raised from the ground by a tall two part platform and it boasts of its own sitting area. The carving is exquisite and the headers have fine openwork, exemplied by the carving of phoenix and Fu Lions.

Condition Report: Expected antique patina. The bed with all the parts were restored sometime before 2005

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Price: $5,500

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