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Auction Description for Webb's: The Francis Ryman Collection
Auction Description:
The Francis Ryman Collection
Viewing Notes:
17th September 9am to 7.30pm. 18th September 9am to 5.30pm. 19th & 20th September 11am to 3pm. 21st, 22nd & 23rd September 9am to 5.30pm. Day of sale 9am to 1pm.
Sale Notes:

The Francis Ryman Collection

(1 Lot)

by Webb's

1 lot with images

September 24, 2009

18 Manukau Road


Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 524 6804

Fax: +64 9 524 7048


12th to 17th Century Artefacts of Aotearoa

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Description: The Ryman Collection This important and rare assembage of pre-contact material including an extremely rare whalebone Rei Puta head fragment with one inset greenstone eye, and a unique carved soapstone amulet. To be offered as one lot in accordance with the vendor's wishes. 8001 An Extremely Rare Whalebone Rei Puta Head Segment Described on the Cetificate of Examination of Taonga Tutura issued by The Museum of New Zealand as 'Point of unique Rei Puta whale tooth amulet in shape of a reptile head.' The piece being the fire blackened and damaged head portion with one eye intact and inlaid with dark pounamu; an incised spiral in relief above the eye and with the mouth displaying a row of teeth. Late Classic Period. Formerly on loan to the Canterbury Museum.Length 40.10mm, Width 36.88mm, Depth 16.77mm. Y12892. 8002 A Unique Amulet of Soapstone Fashioned from soapstone, this amulet is described by Barry Brailsford as "an abstract human form drilled to be hung around the neck on a cord". The drilled hole has worn away, and it has to be said that the face of this amulet, notably in the formation of the nose and jaw, is perhaps more like that of an animal than a human. The simplified body relates to that of the human form however. These kinds of amulets have been associated with the d'Urville Island, and top of the South Island regions and relate back strongly to East Polynesian applied art. There is a comparable amulet in the Nelson Provincial Museum, associated with a site at Patuki on d'Urville Island, found by Jim Eyles (1978). In his book (2007), he describes it as being made of talc. It is a similar abstract human form, in that it the upper section is a head with a human face, attached to an abbreviated torso, with stylized buttocks, knee, and upper thigh.One other related piece (from the Hornsey Collection) is illustrated in H. D.Skinner's 1935 publication. That example has an almost a bird-like face. Skinner noted a relationship between the bird-headed human figures, and lizard amulets found in New Zealand, and those found on Easter Island, and in the carving of the Marquesas. 8003 A Kawa Kawa Pounamu Adze Section of deep green stone, the finely worked cutting edge with evidence of use. L.56.31mm. Y13025 8004 A Pounamu Adze Chisel Section of mid green stone with the fine blade showing a tiny chip. Scarf cuts to each side. Missing upper section. L39.9mm., together with two black stone fragments, both showing scarf cuts. 3 items. (Y12933,Y12932,Y12930) 8005 Three Trolling Lure Shank Sections one of pale green lime stone, (repaired) 13th cent., L.40.65mm., another of pale green lime stone L.54.26mm., and one of fawn lime stone, 41.96mm. 3 items. Y13001, Y13003, Y13002 8006 A Very Small Pounamu Adze an adze fragment of mid green stone with a fine translucent cutting edge. L.24.3mm., together with two pounamu chisel and adze fragments. L.53.89mm., and 34.69mm. Y12937, Y13024, Y13004 3 items. 8007 A Pounamu Whao Chisel Section of fine olive-green stone with evenly polished surface, L.50mm., together with an obsidian flake blade,49.46mm., a drilled trolling lure fragment, L.21.94mm., a Pakohe-argillite worked fragment, L.27.15mm., a worked pounamu fragment,L.31.82mm., a pounamu toki adze section,L.58.56mm., a pounamu toki adze section, L.47.07mm., a small pounamu fragment, L.20.29mm., two pounamu worked fragments,L.47.5mm.and 47.92mm. 10 items. Y12927, Y12940, Y12941, Y12942, Y12943, Y12944, Y12945, Y12946, Y12947, Y12948. 8008 A Finely Shaped Pounamu Whao Chisel of dark green stone with polished surface and formed to be used at both ends. L.79.1mm. Y12929 8009 A Pounamu Toki Adze Blade Section of pale green-grey stone, scarf cut on one side, upper segment missing. L.55mm. Y12939 80010 A Bird Bone Spear Point with single barb, L.58.78mm., together with a bone fragment, L.31.77mm., a translucent pale green stone fragment with evidence of scarf cuts, L.44.69mm., a flecked pounamu fragment, L.29.04mm. 4 items. Y13019, Y13020, Y13017, Y13018. 80011 Six Bird Bone Toggles two with incised decoration to the ends, one damaged, one repaired. The largest 93.9mm length. 6 items. Y12914, Y12915, Y12916, Y12917, Y12918, Y12919. 80012 A Small Fragment of a Pounamu Adze L.49.3mm., together with two Inanga stone chisel points, L.35.4mm., 34.2mm. 3 items. Y12936, Y12934, Y12935. 80013 A Pounamu Whao Chiselof dark green stone, with finely shaped curved cutting edge; loss at non-working end. Illustd. Brailsford, p104. L.63.8mm. (Y12928) together with a dark green pounamu adze section, L.50.11mm., Y12981 and an argillite chisel fragment. L.40.8mm. Y12979 3 items. 80014 Three Ear Pendants Fashioned from human teeth drilled at their roots for a cord to allow them to be worn as adornment. Lengths, 22.53mm, 20.53mm, 17.6mm. 3 items. Y12920, Y12921, Y12938. 80015 Three Bird Bone Needles together with two picks of bird bone, all used in textile work, comprising a picker with point intact, L.82.3mm, a picker with damaged point, L.52.4mm, a curved cloak pin or needle, L.36.4mm, a needle with missing point, L.43.3mm, a small needle, intact with point and drilled hole, L. 25.7mm. 5 items. Y12890, Y12925, Y12922, Y12923, Y12924. 80016 A Pounamu Adze of Kawa Kawa Stone finely polished, the upper edge shows pecking. L. 72.15mm. (Y12980) 80017 A Hei Amulet of Pounamu of free form translucent bright green stone. L.41.82mm. (Y13023) 80018 A Pounamu Adze of mottled green stone with lighter 'feathers.' Fine cutting edge and pointed at opposite end. L.66.9mm. Y12926 80019 A Fine Small Pounamu Adze Pendant of translucent bright green stone; drilled and with a fine cutting edge. L.39.59mm Y13021 80020 Two Pounamu Adzes one of pale green Inanga stone with translucent cutting edge, L.67.7mm. The other smaller with damaged end. L.55.85mm. 2 items. Y12907 ,Y12908 80021 A Tangiwai Curved Pendant of pale green translucent stone, repaired fracture at pointed end. L.71.84mm. Y13022 together with a pounamu adze fragment. 2 items. L.50.7mm Y12931 80022 A Small Highly Polished Adze of dark grey-green stone, with fine cutting blade. L.50.2mm. Y12905 together with a small light green pounamu adze damaged to all sides. L.52mm. Y12913 2 items. 80023 A Pounamu Adze of mottled dark green stone, damage to all surfaces L.87.2mm. (Y12903) together with a section of a largish dark grey argillite adze, L.82.67mm. Y12875 2 items. 80024 A Barbed Spear Point of bird bone, longitudinal split damage. L.43mm. (Y12904) 80025 A Bone Awl with a fine translucent point. L.62.09mm. Y13005 togther with a bird bone needle, drilled end damaged, L.43.97mm. Y13007 together with a bird bone weaving pick. L.62.64mm. Y13006 3 items. 80026 Two Trolling Lures of dark grey argillite, worn, L. 50.22mm., with another of light grey stone damaged at tail end. L.68.25mm. 2 items. 80027 A Bird Bone Spear Point the hollow grey bone damaged at both ends. L.56.24mm. (Y13008) together with a mammal tooth. L.36.91mm. Y13009 2 items. 80028 A Pounamu Adze the mottled green stone shows wear at the blade and damage to all sides. L.65.7mm. Y12982 80029 A Pounau Adze Section of dark green stone with fine cutting edge. L.67mm. Y12861 80030 Five Pounamu Toki Adze Fragments all showing wear and damage, one retains a good cutting edge. Lengths from 48mm to 68.04mm. 5 items Y12909, Y12910, Y12911 Y12912, Y12858 5 items. 80031 Four Pounamu Adze Fragments together with a pale grey stone fragment. Lengths from 128mm. To 65.9mm. Y12859, Y12860, Y12861, Y12862, Y12866 5 items. 80032 A Pakohe Argillite Adze with a fine cutting edge, L.93mm. Together with four stone fragments, one with a fine cutting edge. Lengths from 96.20mm. To 44.25mm. Y12870, Y12871, Y12872, Y12873, Y12874 5 items. 80033 Five Argillite and other Stone Adzes all showing wear and damage, three with good cutting edges, the largest L.133mm., together with a large river worn piece of inanga pounamu, L.100mm.,and a smaller fragment from an adze. L.80mm. Y12863, Y12867, Y12868, Y12869, Y12902, Y12865, Y12857 7 items. 80034 A Bird Bone Awl with point intact, for fabric piercing. Small lengthwise fracture. L.42.94mm. Y12894 80035 A Bird Bone Fragment probably used as an awl. L.56.39mm., Y12895 together with a degraded section of a bird beak, possibly Huia. L.36.43mm. Y12896 2 items. 80036 Bone Fragments and Paua Shell the largest L.93.6mm. Together with a fragment of a fish jaw complete with teeth. L.37mm. Together with a degraded Paua shell, L.127.84mm. Y12898, Y12900 4 items. 80037 Bone Toggle Sections four with incised decoration to an edge, one with almost complete drill hole perforation. The largest 50.46mm length. 5 items. Y13012, Y13013, Y13014, Y13015, Y13016 80038 Trolling Lure Fragments in green, black, and grey stone, two with worked ridges for attaching a line. The largest fragment, 42.8mm length. 5 items. Y12949, Y12950. 80039 A Piece of Inanga Pounamu the rough stone of dark green and brown colouration with evidence of abraiding to one side. L.140.52mm., W.103.75mm., D.38.45mm. Y12901

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