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Chinese Dolls & Bears

Invented in China, antique Chinese dolls and bears were popularized in Europe in the 18th to 20th century. These toys were generally made out of hard, fragile glazed porcelain, and were decorated as life-like representations. Contemporary dolls tend to be called “porcelain dolls," whereas older vintage dolls are referred to as “china dolls," with “china” being the term to describe fine porcelain in Europe.

Chinese dolls are not always entirely made out of porcelain. Often the head and limbs are made of ceramic, while the body is made of a softer material. The dolls are decorated with clothing of the time, often with silk dresses and robes and small fabric shoes. However, as a result of the delicate nature of porcelain, Chinese porcelain dolls remain a popular collector’s item rather... Read more

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