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American Still Life Painting, 1800-1900

American Still Life Painting, 1800-1900
"Beginning in the 19th century, still life painting became a popular medium of artistic expression in the United States. While the Peale family of Philadelphia produced extraordinary still life paintings during the 18th century, the next generation of artists added their own mark to this important tradition, which dates back to Renaissance Europe. Many American artists painted humble subjects like fruit and flowers because they were the most readily available props. Over time, compositions became ... (view more)

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Examples of American Still Life Painting, 1800-1900 at Auction

Artists Associated with American Still Life Painting, 1800-1900 — 29 artists:

Fidelia Bridges Samuel Marsden Brookes William Mason Brown Jefferson David Chalfant George Cope Joseph Decker Robert Spear Dunning De Scott Evans John F Francis Richard La Barre Goodwin John Haberle George Henry Hall William Michael Harnett George Harvey Martin Johnson Heade

John William Hill Paul LaCroix John LaFarge George Cochran Lambdin William Joseph McCloskey William Rickarby Miller Henry Roderick Newman Robert Loftin Newman John Frederick Peto Alexander (1763) Pope Levi Wells Prentice Carducius Plantagenet Ream Severin Roesen Andrew John Henry Way

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