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California Impressionists

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About California Impressionists

Description of California Impressionists
California Impressionists Artists - 70
Auction Houses - 291

California Impressionists
"After its introduction at the Paris Salons in the 1870s, French Impressionism found its foothold in 1886 when Claude Monet (1840–1926) established his home, studio, and garden in the rural French village of Giverny. By the 1890s Giverny had attracted an international art scene, with a significant number of Americans taking part; nearly three generations, or successive groups, of impressionist painters colonized the serene spot under Monet’s spell. Several second- and third-generation American Impressionists in ... (view more)

Looking for the value of an item? Visit our price data subscription page for options.

Artists Associated with California Impressionists — 70 artists:

Lucy Angeline Bacon Franz Arthur Bischoff Carl Oscar Borg George Kennedy Brandriff Maurice Braun Anne Millay Bremer Benjamin Chambers Brown William Vincent Cahill William Henry Clapp Alson Skinner Clark Frank Coburn Colin Campbell Cooper Frank William Cuprien Maynard Dixon Helena Adele M Dunlap Fannie Eliza Duvall E Fortune Maren Margrethe Froelich John Frost John Marshall Gamble Auguste-François Gay Arthur Hill Gilbert Selden Connor Gile Joseph David Greenbaum William Alexander Griffith Armin Carl Hansen Samuel Hyde Harris James Taylor Harwood Anna Althea Hills Clarence Keiser Hinkle Clark Hobart Thomas Lorraine Hunt William Franklin Jackson William Lees Judson Joseph Kleitsch

Paul Lauritz Maurice George Logan Fernand Harvey Lungren Jean Mannheim M. Evelyn McCormick Richard Emil Miller Alfred Richard Mitchell Mary Deneale Morgan Ernest Etienne Narjot Bruce Nelson John (1876) O'Shea Edgar Alwin Payne Ernest Clifford Peixotto Hanson Duvall Puthuff Joseph Morris Raphael Granville Seymour Redmond Charles P Reiffel John Hubbard Rich Arthur Grover Rider William Frederick Ritschel Guy Orlando Rose Detlef Sammann Donna Norine Schuster William Posey Silva Jack Wilkinson Smith John Christopher Smith Jack Gage Stark George Gardner Symons Channel Pickering Townsley Elmer Wachtel Marion Kavanagh Wachtel William Wendt Orrin Augustine White Theodore Wores Karl Yens

Auction Houses that have sold California Impressionists works - 291

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