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Urban Art

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About Urban Art

Description of Urban Art
Examples of Urban Art
Urban Art Artists - 168
Auction Houses - 178

Urban Art
Urban art is a term used to describe a style and movement in the visual and performing arts that relates to cities and city life. Urban art is sometimes called “street art.” It is closely linked with Graffiti Art in its stylistic overlaps and urban context, but extends beyond the application of a work of art onto a piece of public or private property.

Urban artists work in a variety of media including stenciling, ... (view more)

Looking for the value of an item? Visit our price data subscription page for options.

Examples of Urban Art at Auction

Artists Associated with Urban Art — 168 artists:

DALeast 1984 2Rode A1ONE Adek Jef Aerosol Lady Aiko ALBER ALEX ALEXÖNE ALO ANDRÉ (1971) ARDPG Armsrock AROE BABS Dan Baldwin BANDO BANGA Banksy BAULT Beejoir Blo Mark Bode BOM.K BOM5 BONUS BORONDO Mr Brainwash BROK BRUSK C215 Ryan Callanan Thomas Canto Fernando Carlo Antonio Carretero COLORZ COMBO CORNBREAD CRANIO D*Face DALeast Guy Denning Dora (1977) DURO Crazy Eddie Eelus EL PRADINO Jeroen Erosie EVOL EYONE EZP Faile Shepard Fairey Alexandre Farto Birdy Freeman FREZ Thierry Furger FUZZ ONE FYRZE GILBERT1 Anders Gjennedstad Anders Gjennestad Goldie RETRO GRAFFISTISM GRIS1 SEIZE HAPPYWALLMAKER HONDO HONET HOPARE HORFE HORFEE IKON J.R. JACE Mr. Jago JANA JONAS SUN 7 KAN KAN (DMV) KATRE KONGO Curtis Kulig Kurar LAZAKY

LE CYKLOP LEVALET Anthony Lister LOKISS LUDO MAD C Xavier Magaldi Julein Malland Mantis Federico Massa Peggy Mella Antony Micallef Richard Mirando MIST Jean Moderne Leo Mordac STF MOSCATO MOSKO (1953) MOZE MR CHAT NadaOne NASCIO NASCYO NASSYO Adam Neate NEURÖNE NOE TWO NUNCA PANTONIO Jose Parla PIMAX PIXAL PARAZIT POCH POEM PRO176 PSYCHOZE James Reka Maurice Renoma RERO RETNA John Richert RIME ROA Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada roti SCHOOF Schoony SEE SEMET SEN2 SERVAL Niel Shoe Meulman SHOOF SHUCK 2 Ben Slow Smash137 SMOLE SOBEKCIS Jeff Soto SOZYONE SPLIFF GACHETTE STOHEAD SUBYONE SUN 7 SUPAKITCH TANC THE WIZARD TILT TOMEK Sweet Toof TORE TOXIC Michael (1958) Tracy David (1976) Walker Nick Walker WILE WOOZMOON XARE YEEMD Russell Young YZ ZEKY ZENOY ZOKATOS

Auction Houses that have sold Urban Art works - 178

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