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10 Gauge Shotguns

The 10-gauge shotgun cartridge is a very large and powerful round when compared to other shotgun cartridges. It is the largest shoulder-fired shotgun round in popular use. Shotguns chambered in the round range from single and double-barreled models to bolt-action designs and the popular semi-automatic 10-gauge shotguns.

The 10-gauge shotgun originated as a general-purpose shotgun round. However, it has grown into a waterfowling cartridge in modern times.

The 10-gauge shotgun is popular with waterfowlers due to laws regulating leadless and nontoxic steel shot for waterfowl hunting. The 10 gauge is powerful enough to launch larger groups of low-density shot. The 10 gauge had nearly met its demise before it became popular with waterfowlers. With a resurgence, companies including Browning... Read more

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May 26, 2018, 10:00 AM EST
Willoughby, OH, USA

$90 (2 bids)

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