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28 Gauge Shotguns

The 28 gauge was introduced by the famed Parker Brothers in 1903 and became popular for small-bore skeet class. It is for expert skeet shooters that are skilled enough to utilize the much smaller load of shot the 28 gauge fires. The 28 gauge has even grown popular with upland bird hunting due to their light weight, low recoil, and the fact they tend to pattern very well.

The 28-gauge shotgun round is not the smallest shotgun round, but it is certainly far from the largest. These shotguns are often very light firearms that are easy to point and feature very little recoil.

The 28 gauge is more effective than the .410 bore and is a capable fowling shotgun for younger and smaller shooters. A wide variety of 28 gauges exist, including double barrels and pump-action models.

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March 21, 2018, 10:00 AM EST
Fairfield, ME, USA

$6,000 (starting bid)

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