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.327 Magnum Revolvers

The .327 Federal magnum is a new cartridge that utilizes an old bullet. The .32-caliber projectile has been around since the advent of metallic cartridges. The original .32 was most widely used as a concealed-carry firearm, and the .327 Federal magnum follows that tradition by being an efficient round for small revolvers. The use of a .32-caliber projectile allows the round to be much smaller, but maintain the same weight as a 9 mm projectile.

Compared to the .38 special, revolvers in .327 Federal magnum offer increased performance and are often lighter and easier to conceal. Because of the smaller round, a revolver chambered in .327 can hold six shots in the same space a .38 special or .357 magnum can hold five. The .327 Federal may not meet .357 magnum power, but it offers considerably less recoil.

In 2009, the National Rifle Association awarded the .327 Federal magnum Ammo of the Year, a prestigious award for such a young caliber. Revolvers chambered in .327 Federal magnum are made by every major revolver company. This includes Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Taurus. The .327 Federal magnum never gained mass appeal, but it does have a dedicated group of enthusiasts who praise its velocity, power, and size efficiency.

Quick Facts

  • The .327 Federal magnum was designed by ammo manufacturer Federal and revolver manufacturer Ruger
  • Revolvers chambered in .327 Federal can also fire .32 H&R magnum and .32 Smith & Wesson long
  • While designed for self defense, .327 Federal rounds have become popular for predator and small game hunting

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