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.327 Magnum Revolvers

The .327 Federal magnum is a new cartridge that utilizes an old bullet. The .32-caliber projectile has been around since the advent of metallic cartridges. The original .32 was most widely used as a concealed-carry firearm, and the .327 Federal magnum follows that tradition by being an efficient round for small revolvers. The use of a .32-caliber projectile allows the round to be much smaller, but maintain the same weight as a 9 mm projectile.

Compared to the .38 special, revolvers in .327 Federal magnum offer increased performance and are often lighter and easier to conceal. Because of the smaller round, a revolver chambered in .327 can hold six shots in the same space a .38 special or .357 magnum can hold five. The .327 Federal may not meet .357 magnum power, but it offers considerably... Read more

Items in .327 Magnum Revolvers

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