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.44 Magnum Revolvers

The .44 magnum cartridge shows the ingenuity of the American shooter. Dedicated revolver aficionados came together with major firearms manufacturers to design a round and a gun that would be the most powerful production caliber ever seen. The .44 magnum is based on the .44 special, but the case was lengthened to allow more powder capacity because more powder means more power.

Revolvers in .44 magnum caliber are built on heavy steel frames that are capable of containing the immense pressure of the 44 magnum. The .44 magnum came along at a perfect time in terms of metallurgy. Improved modern alloys allowed the production of stronger cylinders and top straps, a necessity when dealing with the tremendous power of the .44 magnum.

The first commercially produced .44 magnum was the Smith... Read more

Items in .44 Magnum Revolvers

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