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.44 Revolvers

As a round, the .44 caliber has always been a popular option for revolvers. The .44 caliber was popular for cap-and-ball revolvers due to its size. Cap-and-ball revolvers relied on bullet weight rather than velocity to do damage, so a large ball was necessary for combat. As the world moved to metallic cartridges, the .44 Colt was created to simplify cap-and-ball conversions for the Army’s revolvers.

Following the .44 Colt were Winchester’s .44-.40 and Smith & Wesson’s .44 Smith & Wesson. Both calibers were designed with specific weapons in mind. The .44-.40 was designed for the Winchester lever rifles and the .44 Smith & Wesson was designed for the unique top break Smith & Wesson Model 3 revolver. The .44-.40 became a popular caliber with lever-action rifles and revolvers from varying manufacturers followed. The .44 round lived on as a hard-hitting large-bore revolver caliber with a solid reputation.

In the 20th century, we saw the advent of the .44 special and famed .44 magnum. The .44 special was intended for self defense and the .44 magnum was designed for hunting and precision. The .44 caliber has been always been known for its power, and with every incarnation, this becomes a little more evident.

Quick Facts

  • The famed Dirty Harry Callahan carried the Model 29 by Smith & Wesson, the first .44 magnum revolver
  • Wyatt Earp preferred a .44 Schofield and used it in the shootout at OK Corral
  • The .44 Russian lead to the development of two famed American rounds, the .44 special and the .44 magnum

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