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.44 Russian Revolvers

Although .44 Russian revolvers bear the Russian descriptor, they are inherently American. In the 1870s, General Alexander Gorloff, a Russian military attaché, came to Smith & Wesson to explore the possibility of a military sales contract. General Gorloff specified a number of improvements to the .44 Smith & Wesson American, and Smith & Wesson created the .44 Russian.

The Model 3 was modified into the Model 3 Russian to accommodate the new round. The .44 Russian became very popular in the United States with civilian shooters and was known for its accuracy and precision. The Model 3 Russian is a top-break revolver, which at the time made reloading a revolver much faster than a loading gate. The Model 3 Russian was a well-built revolver. It proved to be reliable and served Russia until... Read more

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