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Accurail HO Scale Model Railroads &Trains

Accurail Inc. was founded in 1986 and currently operates out of Elburn, Illinois. The company produces HO scale freight car kits made of injected molded plastic. They offer more than 30 U.S. design rolling stock styles. Accurail produces monthly limited run editions and offers custom decorating of any car in its line.

Since Accurail produces model train car kits, model train enthusiasts must build the items they purchase from this company. Hobbyists who are experienced with these cars have published articles and videos showing the ins and out of constructing these models, so someone new to the hobby can locate many resources on car construction.

Accurail currently advertises its magnetic HO scale coupler, Proto HO Accumate, as the first magnetic HO scale coupler that is correctly scaled and proportioned. They also offer their standard coupler, Accumate.

Quick Facts

  • HO scale model trains were developed after World War I and gained popularity during the Great Depression
  • The smaller size and lower cost of HO scale model trains were a good choice for families with smaller homes
  • HO gauge trains are about half the size of O gauge trains. They are the most popular model train scale in both Europe and North America

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