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ACE O Gauge Model Railroads & Trains

ACE Trains was founded in 1996 in London, England. The original owners, Allen and Charlotte Levy, originally named the company Alchem Trains Ltd. The name was later switched to ACE, and abbreviation of Allen, Charlotte, and Emily Levy. The company is still in operation in London.

ACE Trains manufactures vintage model train engines and cars in tinplate, which was the primary manufacturing style for model trains prior to World War II. The company has revived the style of model trains produced in the '30s by British model train companies such as Hornby. They offer both two-rail and three-rail track systems.

Inventory is carefully managed by ACE Trains to ensure that their model trains are produced in appropriate quantities for the collection market. They do not sell through dealers and take other measures to make sure that the value of these vintage style model trains is maintained.

Quick Facts

  • ACE Trains was originally a cooperative effort between Allen Levy and Vintage Trains owner Andraes Grabowsky. The two parted ways in 2008 and ACE Trains has been run by the Levys since that time
  • A portion of ACE Trains customers are collectors who own original tinplate model trains, but do not want to wear them out by running them. The ACE Trains models produced in vintage model train styles allow collectors to run vintage style trains without worrying about damaging originals
  • British O gauge trains are produced at a scale of 1:43.5, or 7mm to the foot. This gauge is more difficult for collectors to find because model railroading lost popularity in England after World War II. ACE Trains revived this style of model railroading in 1996

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