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When made into wine, aglianico grapes feature fleshy notes as well as dark red fruit, white pepper, smoke, charcoal, and cigar. Tannins are firm and pronounced as well. Sometimes, aglianicos feature notes of fig and pomegranate, making it a good full-bodied wine to sip with hearty foods. Aglianico grapes are often found in blends with cabernet sauvignon or merlot.

Aglianico grapes stem primarily from Southern Italy, particularly in Basilicata and Campania. In Italy alone, nearly 25,000 acres of aglianico are grown. However, the grape is originally traced back to Greece. When the Greeks brought it to Cumae, Italy, aglianico flourished. There are few aglianico vines left in Greece today.

Aglianico is quickly expanding around the globe to other regions, including Australia, Texas,... Read more

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