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AK-47 Rifles

The AK-47, or Avtomat Kalashnikov model 1947, is a Russian assault rifle that was invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It was developed during the Soviet Union’s search for a modern assault rifle in a post-war environment.

The AK-47 is chambered in an intermediate cartridge and capable of single or automatic fire. The Kalashnikov weapon ushered in a new age of rifle design and has proved itself popular worldwide.

Today, the AK-47 is the second-most popular rifle in the United States. A variety of manufacturers worldwide produce civilian editions of the rifle. These manufacturers range from Russian, Chinese, Romanian, Yugoslavian, and even American-made rifles. AK-pattern rifles are known for incredible reliability, ease of use, and rock-solid design. AK-47 rifles are used for hunting, sport shooting, and general plinking.

Quick Facts

  • The AK-47 silhouette is found on the flag of Mozambique
  • More than 60 years since its introduction, the AK series of rifles is still in use by military forces around the world
  • Mikhail Kalashnikov never received any royalties or monetary compensation for the AK-47 design beyond his Soviet salary

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