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American Arms Shotguns

American Arms was a small company that brought to the market a wide variety of shotguns in different calibers at an affordable price. American Arms shotguns often pack a variety of features that are found on more expensive firearms, but have remained affordable for most shooters.

The manufacturer created a number of different models and configurations. They developed double-barreled shotguns in both over and under configurations as well as the traditional side-by-side configuration.

American Arms are primarily sporting shotguns. They were made to hunt upland birds as well as participate in traditional trap and skeet contests. Some shotguns were exclusively made for skeet and trap like the Silver Sporting and Silver Skeet models. These shotguns often feature ported barrels and trap stock dimensions.

Quick Facts

  • American Arms has 22 shotguns in their catalog
  • American Arms often named models for their intended targets including Skeet, Turkey, and Waterfowler models
  • These shotguns came in a variety of calibers including the powerful 10 gauge and the lightweight easy-shooting 28 gauge

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