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American Shotguns

America has had a long and fond relationship with shotguns. A preferred loading for American soldiers in the Revolutionary War was the buck-and-ball shotgun load. George Washington encouraged soldiers to use buck-and-ball loads to increase their ability to hit a target.

Shotguns have been used in a wide variety of roles in America. They are favorites for hunting, particularly birds, deer, and feral pig. Shotguns are used in shooting sports that range from traditional skeet to more dynamic three-gun competitions. American shotgun companies range widely from supremely well built and well-designed double-barreled shotguns to basic pump-action shotguns. American shotguns have been produced as break actions, pump actions, lever actions, semi automatics, and even bolt-action shotguns.

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Items in American Shotguns

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Diamond Arms 12 Gauge Single Barrel Shotgun

March 24, 2018, 10:00 AM EST
Charlottesville, VA, USA

$80 (starting bid)

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Stevens .410 Break Action Single Shot Shotgun

March 24, 2018, 10:00 AM EST
Charlottesville, VA, USA

$60 (starting bid)

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Kolough Signed, Engraved and Gold Inlaid Ithaca Knick 4E Single

April 14, 2018, 9:00 AM CST
Rock Island, IL, USA

$7,500 (starting bid)

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