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American Whiskey

Distinctly sweeter than its Scottish and Irish counterparts, American whiskey includes bourbon, rye, Tennessee, and corn whiskey. Bourbon undoubtedly encompasses the lion’s share of the category with the bulk of its production centered in Kentucky, where the rare bottles of Pappy Van Winkle were made. This brown spirit is made with a mashbill of minimum 51 percent corn, usually mixed with rye and malted barley, and aged in new oak barrels. Bourbon was declared the country’s native spirit by a 1964 Congressional resolution.

Before Prohibition, rye was the spirit most Americans preferred in cocktails such as the Manhattan and Old-Fashioned. After decades of preferring milder bourbon, today imbibers once again covet rye’s spicy, peppery bite. Tennessee whiskey—of which Jack Daniel’s is the... Read more

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Fleischmann's Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon (1Mg 1,5 lt.)

March 27, 2018, 6:00 PM CET
Roma, Italy

€90 (starting bid)

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Four Roses Fine Blended Whiskey   (1Mg 1,75 lt)

March 27, 2018, 6:00 PM CET
Roma, Italy

€50 (starting bid)

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