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Army Navy Rifles

Rifles serving in the Army or Navy are best judged by the length of service the rifle had. If a rifle served only a year, there is a reason. On the other hand, a rifle that served for decades was a quality firearm that worked in the field.

Army and Navy rifles vary throughout history and range from modern semi-automatic cartridge firearms to single-shot matchlock rifles. While rifles currently serving in the Army and Navy today may never see civilian ownership, weapons from World War II and before are often available. Rifles including the M1 Carbine and M1 Garan served with both the United States Army and Navy.

Rifles including the Mosin Nagant, Kar98, short magazine Lee Enfield, Brown Bess, and Sharps rifle all served with militaries worldwide. These rifles span hundreds of years and military battles. Military rifles need to be dependable, accurate, and sturdy enough for fighting. With these qualities, Army and Navy rifles are often excellent shooters and solid firearms.

Quick Facts

  • The Brown Bess was used by both American and British forces in the Revolutionary War
  • The Springfield M1903 has one of the longest service lives of any Army or Navy rifle in existence and was still used in Vietnam
  • Rifles serving in the same army and navy of a country may have small differences that represent their mission including different finishes, the use of bayonets, and even the specific load used

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