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Sold at Auction: Alvar Aalto

Alias:Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto
DesignerPlastic ArtPainter


Born in 1898, Finnish architect Alvar Aalto has become synonymous with the breakthrough in modern building and furniture design. Aalto began his education at the Helsinki Technical Institute while studying under the renowned Armas Lindgren. Upon graduating, Aalto began designing exhibitions and buildings across Europe, and eventually opened his own studio, becoming famous for his free-form architecture and experimentation with furniture and glassware. With an emphasis on personal expression and creative, irregular shapes, architect and glassware artist Alvar Aalto created pieces that feature flexible, dynamic forms and organic materials. Alvar Aalto vases for sale are among the artist's most highly coveted works, many of which were originally featured in the interior of buildings he was commissioned to design. Bring your home to life with modern glass vases for sale at Invaluable, and see how these small objects have the power to express energy and personality.
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