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Moisés González Acosta


Moisés González Acosta (1960), Havana, Cuba. Artist with years of experience. His work encompasses different expressions of the visual arts: sculpture, drawing, painting, installation, and design. In his work a kind of informal game is perceived in which imaginary zoomorphic figures converge that demystify the human figure and lead us to his fantastic world; filled with a surreal atmosphere. Often erotic, a product of his motivations and moods at the time of creation. In his artistic production there is an evident predominance of the curved line that distinguishes him. His work has more of evocation than of earthly reality, thus achieving an authentic surrealism. The gestures of the beings that make up his imagination are whimsical, unusual and with keys full of visual poetry. Moses starts from the principle that you can create from and from everything. Part of his work is in the hands of clients in Cuba and other countries. He has several personal and group exhibitions.

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