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Sold at Auction: Ansel Adams

Alias:Ansel Easton Adams


Ansel Adams' artwork might never have become the American standard in nature photography had he pursued his original career plans. Finding school difficult, the only child was home-tutored, teaching himself to play piano and read music at age 12. His plans to become a musician changed in 1927 when he took the photograph that would change his course. The photographer Ansel Adams came into being with Monolith, the Face of Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, California (1927). His use of a red filter allowed him to capture a photo of the rock face capturing an emotional aspect.

His theory of visualization in which the photographer plans each element before taking the picture made Ansel Adams' artwork unique. Still taught today, his ideas on photography revolutionized the genre. The emotion evoked when viewing Ansel Adams' landscapes for sale can be attributed to this technique. Fill your home with serene, collectible landscape photography found online at Invaluable.
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