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Sold at Auction: Yaakov Agam

Alias:Jakob Gipstein Agam


Artist Yaacov Agam (born May 1928) is an Israeli-born master of kinetic sculpture and modern art whose work attempts to convey transcendental meaning through color, structure, and movement. Eschewing traditional styles and forms, Agam combines vibrant and mystical elements to draw the viewer into the work. He often incorporates surprising effects of motion, allowing multiple layers of interpretation depending on the viewer's position.

Artist Yaacov Agam began his art education in Jerusalem and then moved to Zurich where he studied color theory under Johannes Itten. He later moved to Paris, where his 1953 one-person show propelled him into the public eye. In time he began to create moving sculptures and lenticular prints, using moving elements and vibration to explore the unfolding of the world. Agam's serigraph prints and modern art, for sale in galleries worldwide, pushes beyond static definitions of painting and raises questions about changing perspectives in a dynamic world. Buy vintage serigraph prints and enliven your living space.
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