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Aileen Adamson


Aileen Adamson is the daughter of Tony Adamson and niece to the great Kukika Adamson and Rini Tiger from the APY Lands in South Australia.

She often paints “Piltati” which is a well-known Tjukurpa story of the two water serpents who live in the Piltati Rock hole with their two sisters near Kanpi on the Anangu Pitjantjarjara/Yankunytjatjara Lands (APY Lands) in the far north South Australia.

Her paintings encompass many stories centred on this location, particularly the travel and actions of two snake men across this terrain. The sisters generously provided food to share with their brothers however the brothers were selfish and did not reciprocate.

Tired of providing for the brothers, the sisters agreed to share nothing which angered the men who then took the form of huge water serpents to scare them. Unaware that the brothers were kin, the sisters speared one of the serpents and writhing in pain, the serpents lunged forward and consumed the sisters.

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