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Craig Alan has become very well known and has had many of his art made into prints and posters. Known for his abstract collage and expressionism, landscapes and photography. He works with both oil and acrylic on paper but also uses encaustic to enhance his drawings and photographs. Alan's art is produced at Deljou Art Group--the world's leading publisher of fine art, renowned throughout the industry and internationally and their printing technology is second to none. Craig Alan was born in San Bernardino, CA in 1971. His first art lessons were during his sophomore year at the University of Mobile, AL, but he somehow knew, even as a toddler, that art would play a major role in his life. He was given an area award for attaining a 4.0 in his major in college. Craig also minored in theatre, where he learned to do makeup and create sets. He was featured in college's "Art with a Southern Drawl" exhibition, where only 42 pieces were chosen out of 1600 submissions. Having traveled to Utah and Colorado in his pursuit of fly fishing and rock climbing, and now residing in Georgia, Craig appreciates and has found inspiration in nature. His love of nature is reflected in his still lifes and landscapes, but he also enjoys doing portraits.
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