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Sold at Auction: Jean-Pierre (2) Alaux

Alias:Jean-Pierre Alaux


French painter. The work of Jean-Pierre Alaux is at times baroque, fantastical and surrealist. Essentially he works with female characters in landscapes where he checks the mythology in an original way with a totally personal symbolism.After studying in the Superior National School of Fine Arts in Paris (Taller Jean Dupas from 1943 to 1949) he began to exhibit in Salons and Galleries in Paris, Brussels, New York, Boston, New Orleans, etc.He has received numerous awards for painting for those that he stresses in the Grand Prix des Peintres Temoins de leur Temps, 1974.He was named Official Painter of the Marina in 1975 and Painter of Air and of Space in 1992. Also he was named Gentleman of the Legion of Honor as Painter and Sculptor in 1989.
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