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Albert Bierstadt


Landscape painter

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Artist Albert Bierstadt, born in 1830, was an American landscape painter of German descent, painting in oil on the heels of the American Romantic era of the mid-19th century, in the style of the Hudson River School. Albert Bierstadt's paintings and artwork are grand, luminous depictions of natural America, from the White Mountains and the Rockies to Yosemite, and from the Saco River to the Puget Sound.

As an artist, Albert Bierstadt painted his landscapes in Romantic realism. The scenery is sharp and clear,but also infused with radiant light, sometimes reflected off rock faces or water, hanging in the background as shimmering mist, or flickering through trees in rays of sunlight. You can find many other landscape paintings for sale at Invaluable to pick out your next favorite piece of artwork.

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