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Sold at Auction: Cecil Charles Windsor Aldin

Alias:Cecil Aldin
Poster painterWater color painterIllustrator


Artist Cecil Aldin is credited for revitalizing sporting art in England after a decades-long lull in the genre. Born in 1870, Aldin was an avid drawer and persuaded his parents to let him pursue the arts. He dedicated himself to the study of both art and anatomy, and on the eve of his 21st birthday, his tenacity was rewarded when The Graphic newspaper purchased one of the first Cecil Aldin originals for sale. Critics praised him, noting that Cecil Aldin's prints of dogs were excellent, showing hitherto hidden facets of their characters.

As a keen sportsman and hunter, Aldin often accepted horses as payment for his commissions. Indeed, Aldin once claimed he painted merely to fund his hunting hobby. Nonetheless, Cecil Aldin's prints appeared in distinguished galleries across England. Discover other collectible animal prints for sale by browsing Invaluable.
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