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Alice Napanangka Granites


Alice Napanangka Granites - Place of birth: Yuelamu / Mt. Allan (NT) - Language Group: Warlpiri - Language area: North-West of Alice Springs

This artist was born in the bush at Mt Allan cattle station on the third of April in 1958. The cattle station, which is now called Yuelamu, is Aboriginal owned and run. It is about 250 kms North-West of Alice Springs in Australia's Northern Territory.

Alice Napanangka Kelly (nee Granites) now lives in nearby Yuendumu in the Northern Territory. She has painted for Warlukurlangu Artists since 1998 and is married to Francis Kelly Jupurrula, who is also a respected artist from a long family line of artists who promote their culture through their artwork. Bush vines as they relate to women's tribal ceremonies are an important part of her dreaming and her art.

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