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Sold at Auction: Thomas Allom

Alias:A. Thomas Allom


Painter Thomas Allom was an architect specializing in topographical illustrations. Born in 1804 in England, Allom studied at the Royal Academy School in 1826. After a decade of travelling the UK and Europe, artist Thomas Allom is reported to have traveled as far as the Middle East and China. Soon after, hundreds of Allom's illustrations were published in travel books, most notable Constantinople and the Scenery of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor and China Illustrated.

By mid-century, Allom was designing buildings in London, Wiltshire, Liverpool, and Nottingham including the Ladbroke Estate, St Peter's Church, and the Houses of Parliament.

Artist Thomas Allom used pencil, pen and ink, oils, and watercolors to produce landscapes with buildings from around the world, with details befitting an accomplished architect. Thomas Allom landscapes and engravings for sale feature breath-taking wilderness, rugged coastlines, and stunning architecture. Discover detailed depictions of the world with landscapes for sale at Invaluable.
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